MITAOE Academy of Engineering

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation

Year of Establishment : 2015
Category : Healthcare Club
Faculty Adviser : Vinaya Tapkir

Major Activities:

  1. Yoga and Fitness
  2. Sudarshan Kriya
  3. Pranayam
No Activity Period
1. Introduction to Yoga, Creativity and Yoga, Games, Guided Meditation for S.Y. B. Tech. In cycle 1 and cycle 2 Cycle 1- August 2017
Cycle 1- September 2017
2. Happy hour session for faculties. July 2017
3. Guest lecture for SE, TE, BE August 2017 First week
4. 6 days program on yoga for S.Y B. Tech September 2017 First week
5. Club activity F.Y B. Tech September 2017 First week

Mr. Abijeet(AOL volunteer) adressing about youth leadership


Student after performing the sudarshan kriya


Students enjoying the Art of Living session


Dr. Ankitji Krishanan conducting the session