Date : 3rd - 5th January 2020
Venue : IIT Bombay

Faculty Coordinator: Ms. Farhana Shaikh

Aalekh- Art Elated Club Student participant’s:

1) Himani Bhaskar Chopade (SY mechanical)
2) Madura Bhatt (SY chemical)
3) Shubham Patil (SY ENTC)
4) Shivam Kamble (SY IT)


TechFest was organised by IIT Bombay, wherein targeted competition was Crane - O – Mania. Competition was held on 4 and 5 January 2020. Competition had only 1 round. The objective was to design a Tower Crane using Popsicle sticks cotton strings and Fevicol as adhesive (without using any strengthening coating) that can sustain the maximum possible load with optimum radius and self-weight, and satisfying predefined constraints. The model was prepared in college itself and testing was done at TechFest.

Judging Criteria:

Judging will be based on the following formulas:
1) A = (Load * Operating radius)/ Total Weight of Crane + counter-weight
2) B = Aesthetics
3) P= Penalties (Points to be deducted for same will be decided by the judges)
Total Score = A+ B – P

In our case ,
A = ( 7.5 Kg * 12.5 cm ) / 0.076kg
B = 10
P = 0
A+B-P = 1233+10 = 1243.

There were approx. 80 teams, coming from all parts of India. The team consisted of 4 members each.

Prize distribution ceremony took place on 5th January, where we received a trophy, certificates and cash prize.