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Google IO Extended

Alandi in the name "Google I/O Extended 2018, Alandi" has a historical significance. It dwells in the abode of peace thus keeping the rightful values and sacred lessons of the Vedas alive in the hearts and minds of the students. Hence nurtures the values of peace and harmony, not just today but for all their lives to come, ultimately impacting the society at large. Our mission is to build Alandi as a IT hub like other metropolitan cities. I/O Extended Alandi event is for developers who are interested in Google's development technologies ranging from Android, App Engine, and Google Chrome platforms, to product APIs like the Maps API, YouTube API and Google Calendar API and more.

We will be having selected keynotes from Google I/O and some interactive sessions on trending technological advancements which will benefit our community.

Certificate of the participation will be provided to all the attendee's.

Event date – 12/05/2018

Venue – MITAOE Seminar Hall

Organizer- Amey Nerkar (+91 9404339885)

Student Coordinators -

Namrata More (9702200360)
Nikhil Chacharkar (7020016352)
Mayank Chourasia (8390772694)
Shivani Gosavi (8390089298)

Faculty MemberJayvant Devare

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