Under25xMITAOE organized an incredible summit on February 16th 2020 for the very first time in the college premises! The event was diligently and amazingly organized. There was a soul to it. A soul that was vibrant, contagious and exuberant.

The Under 25 Summit is all about bringing youngsters all over the country closer to spread creativity and talent. It's a safe space filled with fun and a lot of great vibes!

Vineeth Vincent, one of India's biggest names in beatboxing was our Emcee for the evening. The event started off with Vineeth teaching the crowd the basics of beatboxing and welcoming them to the Under25 family. Then came onto the stage Yahya Bootwala, famous for his Hindi poetry. Yahya Bootwala has over 208k followers on Instagram and he has also acted in a Hindi movie which was presented and the Mumbai film festival. Yahya and Vineeth told us exciting tales of their college fests and cute crushes. Their energy was electrifying and kept the crowd completely occupied, Yahya then took the stage to tell the tale of his new cycle and efforts in learning it. As he closed Vineeth took the stage once again making the audience groove to the beats of Lean On. He then introduced us to Rishabh Nahar, Founder and Vice President of Only Much Louder(OML), and artist management company, Sonali Thhaker, A sweet and charming Gujju who is a part time stock broker, a dance lover, a CA in making and does stand-up comedy. Her sets are inspired by the stories from travelling, shopping and chaprigiri, and one and only Varun Thakur, one of the most popular comedians in India! He is popularly known for his satire and sarcastic style of humor. He has many hit specials including Vicky This Side Varun That Side. All four talked about the comedy industry of India and discussed the struggles of a YouTuber. After some time, Rueben Kaduskar, one of the top 10 comedians on Season 1 of Comicstaan, joined these 4 on the stage! he has worked with East India Comedy and written scripts for Atul Khatri. He was among the top 5 in Radio City's hunt for the next best Stand-up Comics and has performed with Biswa Kalyan Rath and Abhishek Upmanyu. They continued their talk about the struggles of Newbies in the comedy industry. After these people took off, 3 college creators gave their amazing performances, Nakul Agarwal, Neha Chitrakar and Suprita Panchal. The audience were amazed and in awe!

Vineeth then dropped a bomb that we have a surprise speaker who was no other than Biswa Kalyan Rath! An Indian stand-up comedian, writer, and YouTuber. He came into prominence through a YouTube comedy series, Pretentious Movie Reviews with fellow comedian Kanan Gill. He played a cameo role in Brahman Naman, and another minor role in a show, Laakhon Mein Ek which he co-wrote. He is from Odisha. In 2018, he was also the judge on Comicstaan, a comedic reality TV show. The crowd got elated, delighted and thrilled to have him on the MITAOE college grounds! Rueben and Rishabh joined Biswa and Vineeth on stage and started talking about their new event, The circuit Comedy Fest. Biswa, the mast aadmi joked about the pune roads and how he now has 602 bones in his body. The crowd had a lot of fun with these 4 on stage.

Meanwhile Vineeth also performed alongside Dain Shahji, a space warrior for a mesmerizing duo.

Vineeth then introduced Dorwin John, a music artist who creates magic with his songs. Along with Shlok Chiplunkar he has composed the song Kya Karoon. Dorwin has also worked with Ritviz in the YUV fest and has been mentored and inspired by Nucleya. His soulful renditions of Sage and other songs are a treat to the ears. Dorwin has also performed at the main Summit held in Bangalore and he left a lot of people swooning with his voice. He performed a total of 4 songs in the summit and the crowd immediately fell in love with him. Nobody wanted him to stop. After he left, Vineeth introduced Shubham Patil, a college creator.Shubham is an artist and he told the story of life and love through glue art. With a narrative that left everyone gaping Shubham's art at the end was so beautiful that there was not a dry eye in the audience. What made it even more special was that his parents were watching him for the first time ever. Vineeth Vincent then led his parents onto the stage to stand by their son and his magical artwork. A perfect end to a perfect evening Vineeth reminded us of how grateful we should be to our parents for supporting us through everything we do. The event ended with a selfie which tried to capture everyone. Certainly a memorable experience for all those who attended the Under25 Summit will remain in the hearts of participants as well as volunteers and hosts.