The 2nd annual AjaanVriksha Day was celebrated at Takshashila lawn of MIT Academy of Engineering on 21st January Tuesday. It marked the second celebration of the yearly festival celebrated in the honour and recognition of the AjaanVriksha team, the magazine club of MITAOE. The team celebrates this day to remind students of the kid within the budding engineers that they are. The kid that dreamt of being an artist or poet or even a dancer or singer. So the day celebrates those possibilities and reminding the students that they are more than the career choices they make.

The event was graced by the presence of the college Dignitaries and nearly all the students of the Institution. A huge crowd gathered in the lawn where students participated in many stalls and events organized by the many clubs and organizations of and outside of the college. Singing, dancing, playful games, award distribution etc were the events that transpired.

College clubs like Goonj, Menace,Under25 performed musical, dance and various other performances respectively. The event started with an emotional note by Saksham, an NGO that works for the education of young children in Alandi area. Open stage was conducted, in which many students participated and let their hearts out. It was the highlight of the entire evening.

Other clubs of the college, namely the E-Cell, Robocon club Invictus, the literary club, the Maths Club and SRUJAN also participated in the day by setting up their desks and organising various activities and competitions of their own. Students took part in all these small events and activities with great enthusiasm and spirit, showing the importance of extra-curricular activities in college environment.

Each and every performance from the different clubs got tremendous cheers from the crowd present, and the electricity of the atmosphere was just overwhelming. The crowd shouted ‘once more, once more’ after the performances of dance group Menace, singing group Goonj, and the Open stage events.

The winners of the Ink-It (a writing competeion) were felicitated. Overall the AV day was a huge success with an unprecedented crowd and massive response from the beloved students of MITAOE.