On the occasion of Hindi Divas, MIT AoE Literary Club is organizing Hindi Utsav from 16 Sept - 20 Sept. All the events will be in Hindi Language. Details of all the event are listed below.

प्रतियोगिता दिनाक, समय जगह
स्लोगन प्रतियोगिता 16/9/19, 5pm D109
और बताओ आगे क्या होगा 17/9/19, 5pm D109
वाद विवाद 18/9/19, 2:30pm Seminar Hall
काव्यांजलि 19/9/19, 2:30pm Seminar Hall
भाषण प्रतियोगिता 20/9/19, 2:30pm Seminar Hall


Dain Shaji: 8237882259
Swastika Gosavi: 7506347904

Competition: - हिंदी स्लोगन प्रतियोगिता

About & Rules: Hindi Slogan writing competition in which you have to write slogans in Hindi in not more than 2 lines, the slogan should be related to the theme which will be given on the spot and you have to use the standard devnagari script, usage of cussing words is not allowed. You are allowed to criticize and condemn things but in a parliamentary manner. Usage of Urdu words are allowed to a very small amount of extent. Leniency towards number of lines can be considered till 4 at the max, depending upon the Slogan and its requirement.

और बताओ आगे क्या हुआ?

It is a story recitation event where the candidate picks up a chit which has the initial few lines of a story. The candidates have to continue the story further on spot. They will get 30 secs time to think after picking up the chit and having a glance at it. They will have a minute time to finish the incomplete story, the story being meaningful and unambiguous.

Debate: वाद विवाद

Topic: प्रेरक संचालक या सक्षम प्रशासक (Inspiring Orator or Able Administrator)

  • The participant has to choose the motion for which he/she wants to speak. They can either speak ‘for’ the motion or ‘against’ the motion.
  • Participation will be in pair only.
  • Each participant will be evaluated individually and has to deliver the speech individually and not in pairs, but participation is in pairs.
  • There will be a rebuttal round after their speech which would also be used in evaluation.
  • The speech must be relevant to the motion and the content should not only be convincing enough to prove their stand, but also must defend against the points used by opposition.
  • The time given will be 2+1 minutes, 2 minutes for the speech and 1 minute for conclusion. Time for rebuttal is not included in this.
  • Entire speech must only be in Hindi. Use of words from any other language will lead to negative marks.

Poetry Recitation काव्यांजलि

Outline: A poetry competition in Hindi where the participants have to recite their poem in Hindi language. The poem should be written and recited in proper Hindi language with the stringent use of only Hindi words. Minimal use of Urdu words are allowed. The candidates will be marked on the basis of originality of their poem as no counterfeiting or plagiarism is permitted and students caught doing so after their evaluation will be disqualified. There is no limit on the length of their poetry but it should be recited within 2 mins time.

भाषण प्रतियोगिता

Topic: राष्ट्र भाषा के बिना राष्ट्र गूंगा है

You will be allotted a time span of 2 minutes for speaking with additional 1 minute given with a prior warning to conclude your speech.

Timing will begin with the contestant's first definite verbal or nonverbal communication with the audience. This usually will be the first word uttered by the contestant, but would include any other communication such as sound effects, a staged act by another person, etc. Contestants can use visual aids such as objects and pictures or anything else, but they need to arrange for it by themselves. No power-point presentation is allowed. All contestants will speak from the same platform or area designated by the club with prior knowledge of all the judges and all the contestants.
Competition will be held only in Hindi language.