General Rules

Students must carry their identity card with them, whenever they visit the library. Students will not be allowed within the library without I-Card.

Before leaving the library every user/visitor should allow the security personnel to examine his/her belongings.

Taking away anything belonging to the library in an unauthorized manner will be treated as theft and will be dealt with accordingly. Readers are expected to conduct themselves in a distinguished way while using the library. Any inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

Studying or working in groups or group discussions is not permissible. Arrangement of the chairs in the reading room should not be disturbed

Readers are instructed to use Reading Room for Reading / Studying purpose only.

Dog-earing, marking or underlining the pages of publications or cutting pages, illustrations, advertisements or damaging the publications in any way is strictly prohibited. The defaulters will not only have to pay the cost and penalty for such offences but will be restricted from using the library facility thereon.

Do not dislodge documents from its position on the shelves, in case you are not consulting

Books or other resources taken from the stacks should not be re-shelved by the readers but should be left on the tables reserved for this purpose. Please remember that a book misplaced is a book lost.

While entering the library, readers should not carry their personal belongings, such as bags, brief-cases, personal books, files, raincoat, helmet, laptop, overcoat, umbrella etc. in the stack section of the library. However, they can carry loose papers and note books. Readers can carry your bag (sack) in the Reading Hall only. Other personal belongings which are mentioned above are not allowed in the any part of the library. Library will not be responsible for any loss.

Mobile phones must be switched off or turned to vibration mode before entering the Library.

Readers should maintain silence in the library and should not bother other users in any way.

The above mentioned rules are subject to periodical reviews & revisions.

Violation of any of the library rules can lead to cancellation of membership and readers may be debarred from using the library facility

Eatables are not allowed in the library premises.

Students are expected to read the notice issued by the library from time to time, unawareness of the same will not be excused.

Any other rules which is not included in this or which is introduced newly must also be followed by the readers as and when implemented by the library.

Books Arrangement

Books in the stack section are arranged as per the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme. Books can be accessed using Open Access system.

Overdue Rules

All the users are requested to return the borrowed books on or before the due date so that it can be made available to the other readers who need them.

No Dues

A member must return all the library books and other materials borrowed by him/her and clear all library dues before demanding for a no dues clearance

For home lending books

The borrowed books must be returned within 15 days. In case the books are returned after the due date, fine will be charged as mentioned below:

After the due date a fine of Rs. 2.00 per day per book will be charge to all Readers irrespective of their category

For Overnight or Reference Materials

Books issued Overnight use must be returned next day before 10.00 am else the users have to pay fine of Rs.10.00 per day per book.

If users take reference books or other reference material intentionally or by mistake out of the library, they will be charged a fine of Rs. 50.00 per day per item and Librarian has the right to cancel their library membership too.

Readers who repeatedly fail to return books on or before the due date will lose their library membership

Damage and Loss of books and other materials

Loss of book by a borrower should be reported to the Circulation counter immediately in writing to avoid further fine. Borrower have to replace the lost book with the latest edition of the same or pay the current price of the book to the library if book is available in the market.

If the book is not replaced within 7 days, the defaulter will be charged fine from the due date to the date of its return and if the book is out of print then they will have to pay 3 times the cost of the book along with fine whatsoever.

If a book that is a part of multi volume set is damaged or lost, the users will be liable to replace the whole set of the latest edition or pay current price of the entire set, if book is available. In case of unavailability of book user has to pay 3 times the cost of the book along with the fine whatsoever.

Users are advised to make use of this facility only to support their academic and research activities.

All the computers are equipped with the Electronic Surveillance Software to detect the Internet sites visited and searched by each user.

Librarian reserves the right to stop extending this facility to a person found misusing this facility

E-mail and chatting on the Net is strictly prohibited.

Download of full text access is permitted to the users, however, systematic download is not permissible, See the © Copyright notice.

Library Users may please note that the library will not allow pen drives, CDs etc. to be used on Digital library systems

Users are not permitted to save on any section of the hard disk of any of the PCs. Users can temporarily save it in 'My documents' area of the PC. Users should not save any matter on the 'desk tops'.

It is the sole responsibility of the user to take timely back -up of the matter that is created or saved by him / her. The library staff, for the purpose of maintenance shall delete such files every 15 days to provide enough working space for the users and ensure proper functioning of the PCs in terms of speed and other technical snags.

Users must not down-load any screen-saver other than the one activated by the library and should also not change the screen settings.

Duplication of any software or audio-visual program is not allowed. This infringes copyright regulations and offenders will be liable for legal action