The annual function “NAKSHATRA” of MIT Academy of Engineering, Alandi(D) was held on 14th and 15th February, 2020. The college was decorated elegantly. A grand stage had been set up with professional sound system.

The main attraction of this fest is Sports competition “EUREKA2020”. It was a week-long Sports fest held in college premises. All the departments are participated whole heartedly into the battle of winning the sports shield. The college conducted 11 spots for boys and 11 sports for girls. The Mechanical department won the Sports shield whereas ENTC and Computer are the 1st and 2nd runner-up.

After the Sports week, festival of culture celebrated during 11th to 15th February 2020 very enthusiastically. In which again the race begin to win the cultural shield. The competition includes Best Squad and Duo, Best Bollywood character, Antakshari, talent hunt, Best food Stall, Best Scrabble. In this competition school of computer engineering and technology.

After the healthy competition to make all departments unite the cultural night organized on 14th and 15th February 2020. During cultural night dance, drama, singing, various art forms are showcased by students. The chief guest for function is Mr. Sandip Kale, Chief Editor, Sakal. The program starts with the lighting of the lamp by the hands of Chief Guest, Director; Dr Mahesh Goudar, Director of College, Mrs Vaishali Wangikar, Dean Students Affairs and Students Council. Then all stood up for world peace prayer. Dignitaries share few words with all. They proudly mentioned that such festivals in engineering college are very much necessary that shows, college not only offers the best in academics but also encouraged an overall development of the student through various extracurricular activities conducted and taught by their talented and capable faculty members. Indeed Mr Sandip Kale just won the heart of youth present over there with his loving and caring words.

The Director read out the Annual Report. The students are honored for their academic and nonacademic achievements. This program really leaves a great impact on everyone.

The chief guest and Director gave away prizes to most promising students from first year, best all-rounder student and most prestigious award “MAEstro2020” to best outgoing student.

The Nakshatra organizing committee headed by Mr Amit Sonawane and Mrs Mayuri Pokhrna, as a Cocoordinator take hard work to make this event success.

The program ends up with Pasaydan.

The college after the grand success of the annual day hopes for another event to come which will be another exciting day for them. Their journey of the event never ends because the college almost gets every month something to celebrate for the student’s entertainment & development.