MITAOE Academy of Engineering


MITAOE Student Council 2017-18

 NAME                     :    Siddarth Sunil Dabhade.

 POST                     :    President

 EMAIL                    :

 CONTACT               :  7709026844

  ACADEMIC YEAR :   BE(2017-18).


  • To be responsible for all college events.
  • To coordinate and manage all the college events.
  • To put forward views of college students.
  • To defend the student rights in college.
  • To make a motivational environment for each student.

NAME : Rushikesh Devidas Sanap.

POST : Secretary


CONTACT : 8381021295

ACADEMIC YEAR : TE(2017-18).


  • Keep an account of minutes at every meeting
  • Keep an accurate account of attendance at every meeting
  • Help maintain student council files
  • Maintain contact information for people who work with the council
  • Responsible for “Thank You’ cards

NAME : Shabin George

POST :Cultural Secretary.

CONTACT :9820823834



  • Promote cultural activities.
  • Conduct and lead cultural events in college.
  • Strive to Improve performance of college team in purushottam, firodiya and other similar cultural competitions.

NAME : Pranjali Suresh Mundane

POST :Ladies Representative.

CONTACT :7030355277

ACADEMIC YEAR :BE(2017-2018).


  • To bring forward the grievances and concerns of the female front of the college.
  • To bring the maximum participation of girls in sports and various activities.
  • To conduct activities that can help girls to groom their personality.

NAME : Balaji Shriram Bobde

POST :Sport Secretary

CONTACT :9561748429



  • Promote sports activities in college
  • Encourage more participation of all students in sports
  • Striveto improve sports facilities in college
  • Conduct andlead sports events in college
  • Striveto improve performance of college team in state,national,international sports competitions
  • Improve quality of sports events in ASG.
  • Help in team building for sports events
  • Suggest appropriate training
  • Work with sports director
  • Keep record of all sports events in college
  • Make publicity of all sports activities in college

NAME : Shweta Anil Kumbhar.

POST :National service scheme – Student coordinator.

CONTACT :7709140650



  • Responsible for NSS Activities organized by college.
  • Promote students to participate in state/national level NSS campaigns.

NAME : Vrushab Naik

POST :Vice-President

CONTACT :8983795335

ACADEMIC YEAR :BE ( 2017-18 )


  • Assume President’s duties when needed.
  • Work with President and Secretary in preparing calendar and budget.
  • Assist the President in preparing meeting agendas.
  • Help in all student welfare activities.

NAME : Pankaj Rajendra Jagtap

POST :Branding and Marketing Co-ordinator.

CONTACT :8446307427



  • Keep student body informed of events, fundraisers and service projects
  • Communicate all achievements, events, activities to all students and teachers
  • Make publicity on college website, Facebook, twitter, YouTube channel
  • Coordinate with college website and branding committee .
  • Give plans/ideas for branding and publicity of college events.

NAME : Aditya Umesh Jadhav

POST :Technical Event co-ordinator.

CONTACT :9545360640



  • Responsible for technical events in and out of the college
  • Explore reputed technical competitions of national/ international level
  • Promote students to participate in technical events
  • Help Technical faculty coordinator in conducting Technical event in college.
  • Explore online technical events / contests and improve student participation.
  • Promote group study , team spirit for technical competition
  • Establish student contacts in each department
  • Strive for overall technical enrichment of students.

NAME : Akshay Somnath Doiphode.

POST :Treasurer

CONTACT :7757853003



  • Properly receive and distribute money.
  • Keep an accurate record of money received and distributed
  • Pay only by check as authorised
  • Issue a receipt for money received.
  • Prepare a report for the regular meeting
  • Keep all receipt, bank statement cancelled check etc.
  • Keep all record of money

NAME : Pratik Uday Kathale.

POST :Alumni Co-ordinator.

CONTACT :9552339625



  • To communicate with Alumni of the college for searching new opportunities of student benefit.
  • To activate the alumni cell for organizing departmental and college alumni meet event.
  • To keep the track record of successful Alumni having good career achievements.
  • To bridge the collaboration between students of current batches and industry through alumni link.

NAME : Kunal Kadam.

POST :Social Activity Co-ordinator.

CONTACT :9689436405



  • Conduct social events in college.
  • Help to improve social awareness among all students.
  • Promote Green campus activities.
  • Contribute in water harvesting , garbage management , recycling etc.Keep records of all social activities conducted in college.
  • Provide sufficient information about all the social activities to publicity and branding coordinator.
  • Help NSS faculty coordinator to organize social awareness camps.
  • Inform students about University’s competitions.
  • Help faculty coordinator to arrange NSS camp.

NAME : Rajuri Asif Kadarso

POST :Joint Secretory.

CONTACT :9665832573

ACADEMIC YEAR :S.Y.B.Tech(2017-18).


  • Maintaining good coordination with the secretory.
  • Assisting secretory with his work.
  • In absence of secretory, I have to take responsibilities of secretory.

NAME : Rohit Kumar

POST :Executive member.

CONTACT :7248999235



  • To take any responsibility in absence of another council member.
  • To help the council to execute its work.
  • Improve quality of cultural events in ASG.
  • Help in team building for cultural events.
  • Suggest appropriate training.
  • Work with cultural faculty coordinator.
  • Keep recordof all cultural events in college.
  • Make publicityof all cultural activities in college.

NAME : Akshay Dinkarrao Kendre

POST :Executive Member, Placement Co-ordinator.

CONTACT :9404557460



  • Help Council to execute its work.
  • Take any responsibility in absence of other council member
  • Help students with placement related activities.
  • Provide transportation facilities for campus recruitment held outside of college.


MITAOE offers several scholarships, fee waiver schemes, teaching and research assistance to meritorious and deserving students.

Merit Scholarship 2018-19   Top Engineering colleges in Pune, Maharashtra


Anti Ragging

Ragging in any form is banned inside and outside the campus. Strict action is taken against persons flouting this rule; no leniency is shown. Suspension and/or withdrawal from the hostel/ college is the first action against the offender.

Safety & Security

The safety of students, Heads of Department and visitors is important to us. MITAOE is a semi-urban campus, and basic security measures must be observed to personal safety.


All students are covered with Medicare which entitles them general hospitalization including drugs (excluding diet) and outpatient benefits (excluding drugs, materials, etc).