The Inception of Equilibrium

MITAOE is aimed to create and maintain a safe, healthy, and conducive environment and culture that synthesizes the intellectual, technical, physical, social, emotional, and ethical development of students in a holistic way.

There are 24 clubs at MTIAOE which nurture versatile personality of a student.

The technical Clubs of MITAOE have launched a multi-dimensional Technical event from 2021 named as ‘Equilibrium’.

‘Equilibrium 2021’ a national level technical competition. This will be a platform where young and innovative talent will share and demonstrate their expertise, knowledge and skills and get prised by academia as well as industry.

Equilibrium: When and Where and For whom?

This time, considering the unprecedented circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, Equilibrium will be organized virtually during 16-17th March 2021.

Equilibrium is targeting young and creative brains from the field of Engineering, Technology, Management and Science across India. The Age group from 16 years 25 years can participate in it.

What is in Equilibrium?

Equilibrium will witness more than 10 competitions and events conducted in the emerging and cutting-edge technologies in the fields of Robotics and Automation, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Internet of things, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Aerial Vehicle, Automotive vehicle, Mobile and Web App Development, Product Development and so on.

The Platform of Equilibrium will provide ample opportunities to remarkable performers in terms of attractive prizes, national recognitions, and Internship and placement opportunities into the respective domains, Sponsored projects from industry and swags from professional bodies.

What you can expect from Equilibrium 2021?

  • Deep Dives in Technologies
  • Rendezvous with experts
  • Networking with similar minds
  • Opportunities for placement, internship and sponsored projects
  • National level recognition
  • Knowledge sharing platform