Auto Sport Club

Autosports Club


  • It is an intercollegiate competition for diploma and undergraduate engineering students
  • Purpose of the event is to provide a better platform for student to showcase their knowledge and skill. This will refine their concepts and ideas.
  • This will help student for research and development career in automotive industry
  • Competition include design and validating ideas for vehicle along with its simple to complex parts
  • Vehicle chassis must be safe and strong enough to withhold forces
  • Each design will be judged and evaluated against other competing design to determine the best overall kart chassis

General Rules & Regulation

  • All team member must be from same institute/college
  • Every team member should follow rules and regulation provide by rulebook
  • Co-operation with organizers, officials and judge is mandatory
  • Decision given by judge / officials will be final and no further discussion will be entertained
  • If student wants to file appeal they can request within 2hr from mail or contact to technical committee
  • Any change in rule will be announced through mail

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