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Brain Wreck

As we know, this ongoing pandemic has caused a lot of misery to people’s daily life. To tackle this various tech enthusiasts and engineers are coming up with different automation techniques to help improve people’s daily life. We, the of robotics club MIT AOE, considering the current situation, have planned to offer opportunities to several young engineers and tech enthusiasts, to present their ideas and technical solutions to different problems that might arise during this pandemic, via an event called as ‘BRAIN WRECK’. Via this event, we’ll provide them opportunity to present ideas and solutions to problems provided. The best idea and solution which meets the rubrics will be awarded a prize.

This particular event will be divided into stages and each stage will require a certain criterion which is to be met for levelling up to the next stage. The ideas and solutions will be evaluated based on the rubrics provided below along with brief information of the event structure. Each team will be given a certain time period to complete a certain task allotted to them to progress to the next stage.

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