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This event is for all the tech enthusiastic engineers, who are interested in software based model development. We, the SRUJAN Club of MIT AOE, considering the current situation, have planned this event on virtual mode. In this event, there will be a competition amongst all the participants, where the participants can apply their knowledge, basic skills for to development a software model and win cash prizes.

The event is alienated into five different parts as per domains (1.Civil Engineering, 2.Mechanical Engineering, 3.Chemical Engineering, 4.IT/Computer Engineering and 5.Electronics/EnTC Engineering). The participants need to register by taking into account their domain expertise. The Competition includes problem statement of designing/coding/simulation; each designing/coding/simulation will be judged and evaluated by Industry experts (Evaluators) to decide the best. The decision given by Evaluators/officials will be final and no further discussion will be entertained. The winners will be declared on SRUJAN Club Instagram page.

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