Vision Mission

Institute / Vision and Mission


To use Technology , Human ,and Sustainability as 3 key parameters to design Immersive, Physical and Digital solutions


MIT School of design (MITSD) aims to create future ready designers who will have a human centered technology driven sensibilities.

The School of Design aims to achieve excellence by

  1. Introduce students to fundamental principles of sciences and emerging technologies.
  2. Inculcating sensitivity towards looking at every art form and appreciating it.
  3. Understanding human psychology, their cognitive development and how it leads to discover tangible, feasible needs/aspirations
  4. Working on complete skill development and analytical abilities required as a creative and responsible designer working in dynamic, multifaceted, competitive environment.
  5. Encouraging the students to be inquisitive, seek answers, express freely, communicate proficiently; and lead life passionately.
  6. Create platforms for interaction with expert professionals, experienced faculties and interdisciplinary knowledge
  7. Nurture a environment of experimentation for the students and faculty