Padagogy : Learning Approach

Institute / Padagogy : Learning Approach

The curriculum will impart core visual, creative, technical and analytical skills along with knowledge of materials, technologies, manufacturing process, trends and sensitize them towards design for sustainability as well. Four years are divided into immersion in design, Core discipline knowledge, learning to explore & practice hard and finally learn & apply professional practices -

1. Immersion in Design

Pre-Design/Foundation year includes introduction to basic principles of design-colours, geometry, materials and sketching skills. Orient their minds towards observation, think & analyse, find meaning in things around.

2. Introduction to Core Discipline

Second year orients students towards specific discipline of Product design, Communication design & UXD. Various methods and practices followed in Research & Design of specific disciplines. Encouraging them to shed their inhibitions, explore, express freely in various subjects and stages of the assignments.

3. Exploring & Practicing

Third year focuses more on trying out professional view point, following methodologies of discipline & applying various constraints gradually in concepts and refining final version of outcome. Practice how to balance creative content-technology-commercial aspects of discipline.

4. Professional Ways

Fourth year is complete professional approach while doing graduation project with emphasis on following strictly all stages of design process, involving all stake holders and considering/including their view points while developing concepts. Bringing project to conclusion with outcome as physical/digital product and its visualisation in a best possible way.