How we are Different

Institute / How we are Different

  1. Building sensitivity about human emotions by using appropriate technology with sustainability focus in all the activities.
  2. Focus on Technology adaptation for solution building along with blue sky thinking and skill enhancement
  3. More practical & real, implementable assignments/mini projects and graduation projects in 3rd and 4th year
  4. Collaboration with engineering disciplines for project viability, engineering/programming and prototyping. 
  5. Exploring future technologies to build concepts/working prototypes which can be refined/implemented further in actual products.
  6. The course will have lot of avenues for students to cross learn by way of Major and Minor programs along with doing multiple courses in parallel.
  7. Subject specific immersion courses to generate interest in sustainability issues which can be solved thru use of technology
  8. Assignments clearly divided into 3 phases: 1. Quick user research, 2. more emphasis on technology research - ideation - concept - study model development and then, 3.packaging/ aesthetics integration