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Our life today has turned truly ‘Glocal’. Evolving products and services locally for global market is the new normal. Civilisations are disrupting to set new benchmarks each passing day. Electrical vehicles, Vehicle automation, E-commerce, shared rides, smart homes, and plethora of IoT based products and services are redefining our lives and luxury we experience every day. Maturing Start up culture that works in all possible product and services are also building businesses and new generations in unique way. Ambitious Space missions, hyper loop, AI, VR, Cyborgs, Robotics, 3D printing/manufacturing are the new age technologies which are going to be part of our lives soon.

Designers play pivotal role in manifesting these products & services. Designers can maintain balance of technology, human factors and aesthetics/physical form of every product, service or systems which help us offer unique, immersive and enduring experience. 

Adopting new technologies, new materials , manufacturing processes and new emerging service sectors make young designers & innovators stay ahead in competition. They can apply their trained minds, skills sets, analytical ability to create experiences of higher standards. Designers are also trained to be respectful towards natural resources & its importance in our life so that they can create more meaningful, sensible solutions to address global needs. Ever changing and evolving world offers opportunities to re-think, re-define, re-write, re-work and disrupt old/ established ways and DESIGN new environment around us.

We at MITSD aim to give young minds overview of the evolving technologies, practice various design methodologies, nurture inquisitiveness, accelerate their creative potential to make them and the world around more sustainable.