Photography Workshop


We at Shutterbugs Photography Club, MIT Academy of Engineering are arranging a 1-week workshop for all the photography enthusiasts out there!

The workshop will be covering the
Basics of Photography and Post Processing.

These are the 6 sessions planned -

  1. Fundamentals of Photography.
  2. Mobile Photography
  3. Handling and usage of digital cameras.
  4. Post processing (editing) on mobile phones.
  5. Long Exposure Photography(LEP)
  6. Photoshop basics.

Participants will be given e-certificates at the end of all the sessions only if they attend all 6 sessions of the workshop.

Dates: 17th to 22nd May,2020

Registration Form

Deadline for Registration: 15th May 2020

Note - We will be providing you with all the details once your registration is complete. You have to join our WhatsApp group on completion of your registration with the link which will be provided to you