Mozilla Club

Mozilla Club MITAOE

Year of Establishment : 2014
Category : IT
Faculty Adviser : Mr. Mayur S. Patil

Students Executive Body:

Club Lead : Prajkta Lasanpure, TYBTech,
Marketing : Harshal Shinde, SY - Evengelism
Jatin Madan, TY
Mehul Patil, TY
Media: Shreyansh Gupta, SY
Adnan Ali, TY
Web Teaching: Rushikesh Dolas, SY
Gokul Kumar,SY
Mayur Satav, TY
Web Development : Gokul Kumar,SY
Tejas Walke,SY
Niranjan Vinod Patil, TY
Harsh Amin, TY
Hritik Munde
Event Leads : Akanksha Sontakke, TY
Ayushi Jambhulkar, FY
Developer Relation: Akanksha Kothari,Ty

I got bitten by the free software bug in February of 1998 around the time of the Mozilla announcement. - Andy Hertzfeld

Let that bug bite each one of us ! Welcome to Mozilla Club MITAOE.

We at Mozilla club aim to develop unique ways to teach wen in MITAOE as well as in local communities by conducting various activities, events, seminars and many competitions.

We share the Mozilla’s mission to ensure that the internet is a global public resource, open and accessible to all.

The goal of the club is to put MIT Academy of Engineering in the global map of the web development community with the help of Mozilla Club.

With the help of passionate problem solvers in MITAOE, Mozilla Club will play a huge role in putting students of our college in the global map of the Web Development community, help them discover amazing learning opportunities and also find great internships/jobs in the process.


After the completion of club activities, people will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate their ability to implement FOSS and technologies.
  2. Improve public speaking and teaching capabilities.
  3. Extend their network which will help them to get an awesome career opportunity.

Major Activities:

  1. Mozila Winter security
  2. Mozila Student Ambassador Program
  3. MozComp – Intercollegiate Event
  4. Ethical Hacking 1.0

Major Achievement:

  1. MozComp 2017
  2. Josh Talks – Community Event, MITAOE, Cummins, SCOE.

Event conducted: JOSH TALKS

Date and Venue: On 3rd and 4th November 2018 , at Sinhagad College of Engineering , Vadgaon

About Activity:

At JOSH TALK event, We invited more than 40 personalities from different Fields such as Cinema, Politics, Social Services, IT, Marketing, Web development, Business , sports, Arts etc. The objective of this event was to Inspire the youth of our country. The event was conducted over the span of 2 days in which Mozilla club gave the students from MITAOE an wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with these personalities.

The students were able to learn various set of skill that would help them in their professional as well as in their social life. The set of skills included managing resources, Problem solving methods, Investments, Marketing, Web development , IT Solutions, Start-up Ideas etc. The events was also able to educate students about the different fields and get an insight of the functionality of various successful organizations directly from their founders and directors.