Ajaan Vriksha


An initiative started in 2014 to represent the hidden talents of students developed over the years into a beautiful combination of creativity, hard work, co-operation and memorabilia. We are the official college magazine- Ajaan Vriksha. Named after the tree present at Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Samadhi Mandir, we also blossom under its shadow; growing, discovering and flowering. The magazine is window to the boundless creativity, originality and talents of the college students. It represents their thoughts and opinions, as well as their achievements in and around the college. It is a summary of the all the wonderful memories, events and talents showcased; all of which put together by a hardworking team. It is not just a magazine, it is a beacon of hope, it is an echo of harmony, it is a castle of wonder, it is a phoenix and so much more yet to come.