Event Name: MindSpark 2019
Date: 27, 28,29th September 2019
Venue: College of Engineering, Pune


  1. Himani Bhaskar Chopade (SY. Mechanical )
  2. Madura Bhatt( SY. Chemical )
  3. Shubham Patil (SY . ENTC )


MIT AOE students have won 2nd prize in MindSpark’19 event organized by COEP ,wherein targeted competition was MECHTRIX .

Mechtrix had 2 rounds, first the elimination round which was MCQ based (MCQ on engineering drawing, applied mathematics, physics, chemistry and mechanics).The 2nd round was Task round, wherein participants were provided with some materials using which they had to design a model/mechanism in the stipulated time. The problem statement given to us was to design a mechanism to lift a tennis ball upto a height of 20 cms. Total number of groups was 42. for round 1 and after elimination there were 12 groups for 2nd round. The judging criteria was based on optimum use of material, presentation and working of mechanism.