Top UX Design Trends for 2021

Top UX Design Trends for 2021

Design is the creation of a mind which words cannot express. UX UI design is the branch of the designing industry that deals with designing user interfaces of different kinds of software, machines, etc. Its basic purpose is to provide its user with an experience to relish. UX designs could be observed everywhere in our surfing over the internet, be it google displaying its home page per current scenarios, reviews websites provide to its user, assistants that a particular website provides for a conversation like HDFC bank provides EVA.

Some of the popular trends for 2021 in the UX design are:

Increased usage of 3D visuals

Over time it has become easier for UI designers to create something in 3D, and it is being loved by the users a lot. 3D illustrations make a website engaging and interesting and are being used widely in screen animations, key visuals. Thus, the trend of 3D imagery is quite likely to prevail.

Uprising trends of voice command

Various applications and websites which provide a voice command to its user are appreciated. So, the possibility of other websites introducing the voice command is quite high. Voice command reduces the complication of typing and also benefits those who are either slow at typing or do not know how to type.

Mobile-friendly features

Some websites are not mobile-friendly and usually runs only on personal computers and laptops. So, an uprising trend could be observed of making websites more mobile-friendly and make available all the distinctive features of a website on mobile itself.


Gamification can be defined as game mechanics that are used on a website to increase user engagement and make the website more creative. The excitement and curiosity gamification imbibe in the user make it a very reliable technique of UX UI design to be used in the future. Completion of tasks give the users satisfaction and make them crave for completion of more tasks.

Increased application of motion pictures

Motion pictures are interactive and engages users. These are generally animation pictures or screens and are loved by each section regardless of age or gender. It is preferred more than a static image or plain text at any given point in time.

Advancing Artificial Intelligence

With more advanced Artificial Intelligence, websites are likely to be made more accessible for users and especially those who are disabled. Some of the advanced features of Artificial Intelligence that are likely to be used more in the future are facial recognition, automatic caption generation, language translation, etc.

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