User Interface (UI) Design

User Interface (UI) Design Market, Recent Industry Trends and Projected Industry Growth by 2027

Today the technology has reached a level where technology sets another trend within the time we blink our eye. And within all the collection of technologies, UI Design is a highly discussed and most popular topic these days. The main aim of UI is to shape the products and services we use in our daily life and make them comfortable as well as efficient.

As per the CAGR forecasts, the UI Industry will gain growth of 16% from 2017 to 2027 and is expected to reach 50 billion USD by 2027. Covering all the UI Design Industry areas, here are the top 5 trends that we will see, and some are projected to achieve improvement by 2027.

  • 3D Graphics and Animation
    3D graphics and animation is not a newcomer in the industry of UI design. The usage of these things has developed in a couple of years and is still growing across various product categories. VR apps have taken advantage of these elements for things like viewing objects in an actual room. 3D graphics are an attractive way to make UI design eye-catching.
  • Voice Interactions
    Voice interactions with the devices were once considered the dream, but today, smart devices have made the dream reality. Interacting with the mobile and its applications by giving voice commands has created a new world for many. Voice Interactions has majorly played its role for the people who interact with their devices while driving, etc. Voice interaction has exponentially evolved within a few years, and the UI designers are still working on improving it.
  • Animated Illustrations
    For a long time, illustrations have been present in the area of digital product design, and its evolution has also been exciting for a couple of years. Illustrations add a natural feel to the device as well as it also grabs the attention of users. The Animated Illustrations help the device to become more engaging and efficient with the user.
  • Unique Micro-Interactions
    Most stakeholders and user interface designers still overlook Micro-Interactions, but Micro-Interactions hold a great value in digital product design. Micro-Interactions give additional feedback and insight to users. They can include interaction, color changes, animations, and haptic feedback in mobile apps. Micro-Interactions can improve a design from being ordinary to extraordinary.
  • Storytelling
    Storytelling is an essential element using which the UI designer makes the device more interactive. Using animation, color, interaction design, and typography, UI designers can fulfill the stories required for an excellent User Experience. Uber game is a compelling example of UI storytelling. It encourages users to think about the judgments needed by an Uber driver to make in their day-to-day and consider this employment form’s difficulty. Sensitive, to the point, yet enlightening.

Today every brand's face is judged by the ease and efficiency of its products. And UI helps in many ways by covering all the spectrums to make the product efficient. UI Design has set many trends and is still improving, which has also invited many career opportunities and is also a great career path to follow.

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