Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities as a Communication Design Graduate

Since visuals influence most people, companies rely heavily on graphics and illustrations to market their products. But good graphics and illustrations aren't just about imagination and creativity. You need to know all the types of typography and the technology behind web designing, animation, and motion graphics. This is where communication design will help you. It involves strategic thinking based on market research, logical problem-solving ability, and visual sense. Students learn to create compelling visual messages and broadcast them to the world. Since the future is digital, there are plenty of career opportunities as a communication design graduate.

Career opportunities as a communication design graduate

With the world moving online, many companies want to market their products online. This has opened new avenues for a communications designer.

1. Video Editor

You can become a video editor after completing your communication design degree. Communication design equips you with all the tools required to be a video editor. Since the internet is home to millions of YouTubers, video editing is a vital skill that has a vast market.

2. Web Designer

Communication design teaches you the best ways to design web pages. Since new websites are being created daily, the volume of career opportunities as a communication design graduate is steadily increasing.

3. Editorial and Publication Designer

You can also make your career in editorial and publication design with communication design since the course helps you identify your target audience and design what connects best.

4. Illustrator

You can become a digital illustrator for book covers, magazines, or packaging cards. Armed with communication design knowledge, you know the best methods to narrate a story or express an idea through powerful images.

5. Advertising artist

Catchy and unforgettable images are the primary medium of communication designers. Thus, a career as an advertising artist is ideal for communication graduates.

6. Graphic and game interface designer

If you love drawing and using computer applications, communication designing can help you combine these two seemingly disconnected interests. The gaming industry is brimming with career opportunities as a communication design graduate. Communication design combines art with technology. You will be able to design graphics for games, events, and companies after pursuing communication design.


As you can see, career opportunities as a communication design graduate are available in plenty. But for a successful career, you need good training, and MITAOE is here to help you out. MITAOE continually tops the list when it comes to the best engineering colleges in Pune. It is a part of the renowned MIT Pune group.

MIT School of Design has been established in the MITAOE campus to cater to students who wish to pursue communication design from a reputed college. The batch of students for the Bachelor of Design course will be inducted by the School of Design this year. The curriculum is designed to impart technical, visual, analytical skills combined with knowledge of materials, technologies, and design for sustainability. It is affiliated to the prestigious and renowned Savitribai Phule Pune University and will also be closely mentored by MIT Institute of Design, Loni.

There are plenty of career opportunities as a communication design graduate. You just need to enroll your name at the MIT School of Design, which will take care of the rest.