The journey of e-Cell and MITAOE Entrepreneurial Development Foundation started in 2018-19 with an objective of inculcating entrepreneurship and innovation culture amongst students and promote innovation, entrepreneurship and startup culture at MITAoE campus. We are proud to share the achievements received just within 1.5 years, like Winner at NEC-2019, Startup Club Award, ARIA-2019 Ranking (In top 100), Approval as a host institute for setting up Business Incubator under MSME-BI scheme, 4-Star performance at Institute Innovation Council (IIC) an Initiative of MHRD-GOI, etc.

Under our entrepreneurship (e-Cell) umbrella, We have organized workshops, competitions, webinars, seminars on Innovation, IPR and startup to inspire students for entrepreneurship and startups. Programs such as Practice Venture(PV), Institution’s Innovation Council(IIC) and participations in competitions such as the National Entrepreneurship Challenge are a part of the functioning of e-Cell. Besides of PV and IIC, e-Cell also conducts its own events with the support of Wadhwani Foundation. With collaboration of Wadhwani Foundation we have offered two courses for BTech program such as a Basics of Entrepreneurship and Business Strategies.

The MITAOE Entrepreneurial Development Foundation acts as an Incubation Center within the campus for the student start-ups, Currently 19 startups are working on their ideas and identified problem. Faculty Advisor and CEO, Mr. Tukaram Sonawane along with Incubation manager, Mr. Shailesh Bhokare are looking after the incubation and overall activities.