Konnichiwa Pune 2022, the signature annual event of the India-Japan Business Council (IJBC), returned with a bang in Pune.
The MHT CET 2022 exam administrators are currently conducting seat assignment and counselling procedures online. A provisional category-by-category seat
It's crucial to understand what life is like on an engineering college campus. The MIT Academy of Engineering in Pune is one such engineering institution looks forward to the mental, physical, and psychological preparation that is required to succeed in the first year of engineering school itself.
Chemical Engineering is a multidisciplinary degree that includes courses in both chemistry and engineering. Only a few organisations and universities in India provide this degree. With a plethora of chances and not all of the chemistry, the MIT Academy of Engineering is one of these famous institutes in India that offers a Chemical Engineering degree.
Understanding the current trends evolving in the engineering education MIT AOE has been taking measures to inculcate the latest trends of the industry in order to help its students understand the requirements of companies in the near future.
Engineering in electronics and communication offers students a wide range of job choices. This discipline of engineering is concerned with the design, development, and application of electrical, electromagnetic, and electronic equipment and systems.
The Maharashtra State Common Entrance Test Cell (SCETC) will begin the seat allotment procedure on December 3rd, 2021.
At MIT Academy of engineering we understand the primary loop that keeps the circle of technological advancement rolling is electrical engineers.We have therefore created a syllabus that consists of both practical and theoretical knowledge in order to make industry ready engineers.
To cope up with the updated technology and meet the market standards MIT, Pune has inculcated a mix of both core courses and interdisciplinary courses in their syllabus. One needs to have all the skills required to face the challenges of the outside world.
MIT Academy of Engineering, Alandi is One of the country's largest autonomous universities is adamant that engineering education in the country needs to become more inter-and multi-disciplinary, and that its domains, which are currently divided into narrow verticals, need to be flattened.
Chemical engineers in the fields of processing and synthesising chemicals are in high demand in India due to the growth of companies and factories. Aspiring chemical engineers can work in a variety of settings, including industries, factories, and the chemical, energy, and oil industries.
Since the beginning of their careers, women have played an essential role in the field of civil engineering. Many female civil engineers have stated that proving themselves better is the most important duty they face every day at work. MIT Academy of engineering is one of the best engineering colleges in Pune encouraging young girls to opt for civil engineering courses.
MIT Academy of Engineering is one of the 401 colleges that accept MHT-CET scores for admission. Because MIT AOE is one of the best engineering colleges in Pune, it receives a large number of applications each year. The Maharashtra Common Entrance Test is an annual online examination for admission to several Undergraduate and Post Graduate programs in Maharashtra's state colleges.
IAccording to a 2013 poll more than 80% of female engineers are happy or extremely happy with their career choice, and 98 per cent find their employment satisfying. The MIT Academy of Engineering, one of the top engineering institutes in Pune, has taken steps to encourage female mechanical engineers to enrol by providing numerous work prospects.
Once the technology is available, people will use it in ways it was not intended,". "That's the entire history of technology,"! MIT Academy of Engineering looks forward to training the budding engineers through rigorous internships and practical training at every stage of their curriculum.
The fast pacing digitalization of education has now taken over major workflows of institutes from schools to colleges. Digital transformation of learning has brought about many changes in the way the admission process is conducted by institutions such as the MIT Academy of Engineering. The benefits of online learning and teaching are a way to the future of education.
At MIT Academy of Engineering we understand the importance of stress management. Today when the whole world is facing this pandemic students are anxious due to the effects caused on the education system of the nation. There are ways to deal with the stress and anxiety caused due to the uncertainty in the examination schedule.
MITAOE being one of the top three institutes that have been bestowed with academic autonomy by UGC. Admissions at MIT AOE are based on the DTE policy which an aspiring candidate must abide by. To apply for any of the seven departments at MIT AOE candidates must have a valid score in JEE Main or MHT-CET.
MITAOE stands out when it comes to placements, approx 80 to 90 percent of students get placed every year with decent packages. The T&P cell at MITAoE, Alandi looks forward to providing all the required skillsets to the students from soft skills to logical skills before arranging placement drives for them.
The MIT Academy of Engineering Comprises of seven engineering Departments. With a vision to inculcate project based learning these departments are all about success stories and achievements of young minds.
Owing to the outbreak of Covid-19, India, much like most of the world, has restricted almost all activities for the sake of humanity. We all are quarantined in our houses to ensure that things don't go out of hands. This means a restriction on traveling, which further translates to that the students can't attend their regular classes anymore. This results in loss of education during what is usually one of the most active parts of a year for students.

Too many people still operate with the same beliefs, patterns, and styles of thinking that they did when they were 18.

They blindly listened to authority, accepted whatever beliefs their family, friends, and society instilled in them…and never bothered to challenge any of it as they grew up.

The Maths Club of MITAOE formed its strong and powerful base in April, 2019. The official formation of this uprising club took place in August, 2019 with the hard work and dedication of all the club members. And now this is one of the most astonishing and successful club of MITAOE.