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Effective communication involves strategic thinking, focused market research, logical problem-solving ability, and technical skills like graphical sense, color theories, and typography and uses it creatively to create information hierarchies to effectively device visual solutions to communication problems, system, service, and experience which in turn will help a business get right visibility and impact.

Bachelor of Design (B. Des) in Communication Design courses introduces students to various communication media like Graphics, motion graphics, interaction, and Animation-film broadly. The study covers fundamentals of typography and type design, illustration and photography, packaging and print design, signage design, and corporate identity systems. The application of Information Technology would take students into fields of computer graphics, multimedia, and web design. Using software like Sound Forge, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, and Combustion for the Graphic Design project they will learn how to apply design principles, to create, to combine, and to publish/broadcast various messages into the digital environment or physical world effectively & meaningfully.

Students of Communications Design often find opportunities in advertising, motion and broadcast graphics, corporate branding- identity design, typography, editorial, and publication design, information design, illustration, photography, packaging, design for social impact, broadcast graphics and film titles, web and game interface design, interaction, environmental and exhibition graphics, merchandise, signage and pictogram systems, online and offline shaping of visual form, and in User interaction design.

The graduating students have opportunities to work in Industries based on Artificial intelligence, Augmented reality, virtual reality, Internet of Things, Gaming, software, Mobile, Automobile UX,..and many more.


  1. Overview of design
  2. Design drawings 1: freehand drawing
  3. Fundamentals of design 1: Colours
  4. Fundamentals of design 2: Geometry
  5. Fundamentals of design 3: Materials
  6. Fundamentals of design 1: form, space & structure
  7. Digital methods 1: introduction to digital methods
  8. Interdesign studies 1: rural environment exposure
  1. Overview of design
  2. Design drawings 2: freehand & analytical drawing
  3. Fundamentals of design 5: Colours II
  4. Fundamentals of design 6: Solid Geometry
  5. Fundamentals of design 7: three dimensionalities of form, space & structure
  6. Fundamentals of design 8: materials
  7. Digital methods 2: Advance images processing & vector graphic applications
  8. Design process: problem solving methods
  9. Inter design studies 2: Urban environment exposure
  1. Design Drawing  – Drawing (Mediums & Techniques)
  2. Graphic Composition & Layouts / Color – Basics and Color Palettes 
  3. Basic Typography (Lettering & Layouts)
  4. Digital Methods – Publishing (Part1)
  5. Basic Photography
  6. Communication Theory & Media Studies  
  7. History of Design
  8. Basics of Moving Images (Technical )
  9. Design Project 1- Design Process / Simple Design Project  
  10. Inter-Design Studies - Folk Arts
  1. Digital Methods -  Premier / After Effects / Audition
  2. 3D Structural  Study/ Materials for Communication Medias(Production & Prototype)
  3. Digital Methods -Illustrator Design Drawing 4 - Digital Art
  4. Contextual Photography (With Adobe Light room )
  5. Typography / Calligraphy (Type Design & Application)
  6. History of Design
  7. Design Project 2- Understanding Various Target Audiences (Copywriting Workshop)
  8. Inter-Design Studies - Signs and Symbols
  9. Art Appreciation Workshop
  1. Semiotics - Design Project 3 - Signs & Symbol Design Design Project 4 - Corporate Identity
  2. Digital Methods – In-design Design Project 5 - Publication Design (Print & Web)
  3. Design Project 6 - Information Design Info-graphics  & Way finding Systems
  4. Digital Methods - VFX &  Motion Graphics Design Project  12 - Story Telling / Story Boarding /Making of Small
  5. Inter-Design Studies-Transportation Graphics /Environemental Graphics
  6. Industrial Internship (during vacation)
  1. Open Elective
  2. Digital Methods - Dreamweaver Design Project 8 - User Experience Design (Web Design) Design Project 9 - Interaction Design (E-learning / Apps / Kiosks /  Non Digital)
  3. Design Project 10 -  Packaging Design (with Product Design)
  4. Professional Design Practice (Design Case Paper -writing)
  5. Design Project 11- Communication Campaign for Social Impact  (Media Mix) Research Concepts  (Cont.. to next term……)
  6. Inter-Design Studies - Study of New - Age Media
  7. Inter-Design Studies-Transportation Graphics / Environmental Graphics
  8. Communication Theory and Media Studies
  1. Design Ethnography
  2. Design Project 11 - Communication Campaign for Social Impact (Cont…) (Media Mix) Visual Interpretations
  3. Design Project 13 - Design for Brands
  4. Design Project 14 -  System Thinking - Systems Design
  1. Graduation project