The Libraries FAQ’s are a collection of basic information regarding MITAOE Central Library and an introductory guide to library resources on the Internet. The answers below will help you get started with your interaction with Library, If you do not find what you are looking for, kindly visit Library or call at 30253610 Ext, 1034.

Q. 1 Who are authorized to use the MITAOE Central Library facilities?
Ans. All the students, staff and faculty members of the MITAOE are authorized to use the Central Library. However, for availing the borrowing facilities, users must Enroll themselves as Library members by filling the Library membership form. Click here for more details or you may contact circulation desk (ext. 1034) Membership Form for staff and student. (PDF)

Q.2 As a user, how many books am I entitled to issue and for how long?
Ans. Student can borrow 5-7 books as per the rules defined for the various categories for a period of 15 days. However, faculty members can borrow 07 books for a period of 15 days.For more details kindly click here: Borrowing Privileges (PDF)

Q.3 As a user, can I borrow current or back issues of journals from the Central Library?
Ans. No, current issue of any journal is issued to the library user. However, only Faculty members can borrow back issues for a period of two days.

Q.4 How can a student recommend a book/journal for purchase in the library?
Ans.An authorized user can recommend a book for purchase by filling a Requisition Form that is available in the Acquisition Department. The duly filled form should then be routed through the Head of the Department for his/her recommendation and then to be submitted to the library.

Q.5 Which are the books that can be issued to library members?
Ans.You can issue books form home lending section, but Reference books are not issued to any ibrary user, Reference books have to be used within the library premises only.

Q.6What is the penalty, in case there is delay in returning the books and other library materials?
Ans.If users fail to return the books and other library material in time they have to pay fine and no excuses will be entertained regarding the same. For more details kindly go through the librarian

Q.7As a user, can I renew the book and for how many times?
Ans.Borrowed books can be renewed twice. Your renewal request will not be accepted if the book is heavily overdue or has been reserved by some other user.

Q.8Can I borrow books from other libraries, if that particular book is not available in our library?
Ans.Yes, Central Library has institutional membership of BCL & University of Pune, you can borrow books from these libraries for a period of 15 days. You can also refer books from ARAI, but can’t borrow them.

Q.9How do I find a particular book in the library?
Ans.To find a particular book you can use the OPAC (online access to library books and journals) Through the Web OPAC user can search or browse for any book on a particular subject, title or an author. Else you can contact the Circulation Desk (Extn 1034).

Q.10What are the working hours for the library?
Ans.The library will remain open from Monday to Friday between 8.30 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. and on Saturday, Sunday and other Holidays between 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. However books will be issued only from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. on week days. No issue - return will be done on Saturdays, Sundays and other Holidays.

Q.11What are the various electronic resources available in the library?
Ans.In order to access e-resources provided by MITAOE Central Library please click Here E-resources.

Q.12What are the services provided by the Central Library?
Ans.MITAOE Central Library offers a vast range of services. Clicking here Other Services.

Q.13Does the Central library provide audio-visual facility?
Ans.Yes, Central library has video lectures, developed by eminent professors from IIT, Delhi. Library has also downloaded NPTEL Vedios from their website

Q.14What can a user access through the digital library?
Ans.The Central Library has setup digital library, through which users can access soft copies of Syllabus and old question papers of University of Pune, CD-ROMs (received from books and journals), Project Report of BE Students, Educational Video lectures etc.

Q.15How can I access CD-ROMs which are available in the library & where can users write it?
Ans.Central Library has a large collection of CD’s which amount to 5252. To access these CDs we have 10 PCs and a DVD writer. Users can write the CD/DVD they are interested in within the library premises

Q.16Can I bring my personal books or other reading material in the library?
Ans.You can bring your personal books in the reading hall however No, users are allowed to bring their Personal books or other reading materials to the Stack section.

Q.17Can I use the library card of my friend on his behalf?
Ans.No user is eligible to borrow book from the library on some ones behalf. In special cases with the permission of Librarian and a letter from the library card owner in case of some unforeseen conditions it may be considered

Q.18Are visitors allowed to visit the library?
Ans.Visitors are allowed to have a look at the library provided they get permission from the Librarian. They can just view the books borrowing is not allowed

Q.19How do I get books and journals Xeroxed in library?
Ans.Central Library provides Xerox facility to its users at very concessional rate. Please remember that to Xerox a complete document is violation of copyright act.

Q.20Can I upload my own software or personal files on the Public Access Computers (PACs)?
Ans.This is strictly prohibited

Q.21Can I use the Library terminal to access email and chat?
Ans.Library workstations are intended only for searching the Library Catalogue, Database and access of electronic resources, hence personal use of the same is strictly prohibited.

Q.22Can I copy Question papers from the Intranet?
Ans.Yes, you can..

Q.23Where can I find previous year exam papers?
Ans.Printed copies of previous year exam papers are available in Reference Section.You may contact Reference Desk (Ext. 299).or can access Electronic version of the same through Intranet.To Access click here Digital Library.

Q.24How do I check which books I have borrowed?
Ans.You can check your borrowing status through Web – OPAC.

Q.25I like to use pencil for notation, is this considered as damage?
Ans.Libraries must preserve their stock for future use and therefore any form of marking or writing in a book, whether it be with pencil or pen, is not permitted and constitutes damage to library material,as does the folding of corners of book pages. Anyone vandalizing a book in this way will be charged a fine to cover the cost of book.

Q.26How will I know, about new arrival of books and journals in the library?
Ans.List of New arrival of books and Xerox of cover page of new journals are affixed on the notice board for information as and when they arrive. You can access new arrival through web – OPAC also.

Q.27Are the books arranged subject wise in the library?
Ans.Books are arranged on the shelf as per classified order (According to Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme) which is a international coding system used in library science for arranging books on shelf) i.e. 003-999. You can take help of the shelf list, displayed on both the sides of the racks.

Q.28If I want a book which is listed as “on shelf”, but I can’t find it?
Ans.Probably some other reader may be using it or it may have been returned to the library recently, is yet to be re-shelved; also check on the reading tables in the stack room or on the trolley or you may contact the Book lifters and Circulation Stafff

Q.29How can I get a book that someone else has borrowed?
Ans.If a particular book that is of your interest is issued by someone else then you can reserve it or ask staff at the Circulation Desk for help.

Q.30Can I cancel a reservation?
Ans.Yes, you can.

Q.31What do I do if I lose a book?
Ans.You should inform circulation staff immediately and check on shelves in case it has been returned by someone else. If it is not found, you have to replace the latest edition of the same book. In case, if the book is out of print or not available in the market, you have to pay one and half times the amount of the book to the library.

Q.32What do I do If the book I borrowed is damaged?
Ans.If the damage is minor you have to pay binding charges and if you have made some marking in pen or pencil or spoiled the book in any manner, you have to return the damaged book as well as the new books against the damaged one

Q.33Can I keep the damaged book after paying for it?
Ans.No, the damaged book must also be returned to the library

Q.34Incase I have lost library material like CD, Print Syllabus, Old Question paper, BE Projects etc. What is my penalty?
Ans.You have to replace new item, whatsoever you have lost without any delay.

Q.35How can I find out how many books and journals are available on my subject in the library?
Ans.You can check the web opac or visit our library for the same .To see the data regarding number of books click here
Data of library Books and Data of Library Journal