Life At an Engineering College In India

Life At an Engineering College In India

Life At an Engineering College In India

Engineering degrees are strongly favoured in India's higher education system. A student who is accepted into an engineering institution is thought to be extraordinarily gifted and intelligent. The craze is so strong that you are regarded as outstanding even if you enrol in a 2nd or 3rd tier engineering college. However, we frequently overlook the mental, physical, and psychological preparation needed to succeed in the first year of engineering college. It is important to know about life on the campus of an engineering college. One such engineering institution situated in Pune is the MIT Academy of Engineering and this article discusses a variety of issues and benefits that an engineering student may encounter with reference to the same.

Course Structure

1. Course Structure

While the first year is challenging academically, it also serves as a time to become conscious of your possibilities. If you want to specialise in Mechanical Engineering at MITAoE, Alandi you can get a B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering with specialisations in cloud computing, software quality, cyber security, artificial intelligence, data science, or machine learning. So, while you must complete the Core Classes, carefully arrange your elective and specialisation courses for the second year.

2. Culture and Hostel Life

This is where all of the maturation will take place. Staying with folks from all over the country teaches you to respect variety while also allowing you to inject your own individuality into the campus culture. This is frequently the most rewarding experience.

Engineering colleges have a large number of clubs and organisations to choose from. A music and dance club, photography club, fine arts society, innovation and creative cell, green cell, literary clubs, theatre clubs, and other Clubs at MITAOE Institute. There are also a variety of indoor and outdoor sports groups and teams to choose from.

Join a few clubs to take a break from your studies. By the third or fourth year, you should be a leader in one club.

Culture and Hostel Life

Competition / Events

3. Competition / Events

You'll find yourself preparing for inter-college fests, competitions, and challenges once you've joined a club or society of your choice. These may be cultural or technical in nature. These competitions can be extremely tough and prestigious at times. Events are not only a terrific way to learn about the campus culture, but they also provide us with memories that we will remember for the rest of our lives.

MITAOE, Alandi teaches its students not only the curriculum but also how to be socially responsible. provides them with a platform where they may invent numerous things that would benefit society and rural India as a whole.

4. Labs In College

By definition, engineering entails the use of one's hands and abilities. Whether it's automation, robotics, computer science, or automotive engineering, most institutions have excellent laboratories. Spend time figuring things out in the laboratory. Not only is this fascinating, but it also prepares you for your internship or career on the work floor. figuring out things. This is not only interesting but it prepares you for the shop floor when you go for your internship or job.

Coming to a conclusion is not easy when it comes to college life and education specially engineering. Being a part of any engineering institutiion in India is like being a superhero, and yet again with powers comes responsibilities!

Labs In College

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