"The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand."
Vince Lombardi


TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to “Ideas Worth Spreading”. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, and Design, since then its scope has become even broader. TEDx events comprise of TEDTalks videos or a combination of live presenters who spark deep conversations and connections with an audience at a specific venue and region around the globe. The intention is for TEDx organizers to select or invite people with certain ideas, projects or successes they believe are worth spreading to the world.


TEDx events are fully planned and coordinated independently and on a community-by-community basis. Each speaker gets a total of 18 minutes using visual aids if needed, to present their topic or idea, and thereafter the speech is posted on the local TEDx organized event website where people across the globe can tune in for free to listen, comment, be inspired, or challenged by ideas.


  • The content and design of each TEDx event is unique and developed independently, but all TEDx events have several features in common
  • A collection of short & carefully prepared talks, demonstrations and performances (Live or TEDTalks from TED.com)
  • A wide range of subjects to foster learning, inspiration and wonder
  • A minimum of two pre-recorded talks from the acclaimed TEDTalks video series
  • Bias-Free programming: no commercial, religious or political agenda


TEDxMITAOE is an independently organized TED event by the students of MIT Academy of Engineering, which aims to bring to its stage ideas worth spreading from all over India. The phenomenal success of the TEDxMITAOE 2020 is a reflection of the ever-increasing dedication and enthusiasm that all the team had displayed on a continual basis.

Theme for the very first edition of TEDxMITAOE was MOMENTUM, is a well thought through culmination of all that we stand for today.

And here we find ourselves at the epitome of curiosity as we intend to hear all about this from the masters of it- our distinguished speakers. Be it any field- social, economic, spiritual or educational, there is only one way with momentum- forward.

Swapnil Joshi (Marathi Actor) https://youtu.be/nO0MXWslJXQ
Kumar Anshu (Entrepreneur and Innovator) https://youtu.be/1-8H4iHYF0o
Dr. S.K. Chaturvedi (Professor of Psychiatry) https://youtu.be/-2Vbrdy1ajM
Aakash Malhotra (Travel Enthusiast) https://youtu.be/Ijy_t2khR8I
Rhythm Funk (International Musicians) https://youtu.be/4hzcCgaMmJ0
Rahul Kaushik (Author of “The Melting Words”) https://youtu.be/xEF0Vcq1cnQ
Srushti Nerkar (Innovator and Child Prodigy) https://youtu.be/Mv2EraAPgdc


  • Rhythm Funk : International Band playing western music on Indian instruments
  • Firdous: Band of four budding artists
  • Team Kashish: Composed of Students of MITAOE and led by our Faculty

Amey Nerkar - Organizer TEDxMITAOE

Shailesh Bhokare - Convenor, TEDxMITAOE