Corporate Relations


Connecting Industry, Students & Faculty to Opportunities, Innovation and Research

The Department of Corporate Relations has a mandate to work hand in hand with industry that works in the space related to engineering solutions. The division, in conjunction with academic leaders in the institution, remains the primary vehicle for outreach and strategic engagement for projects, internships, placement, entrepreneurship, guest sessions and social initiatives. Corporates with a strong engineering discipline focus and a desire to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with MITAOE will have multiple opportunities to engage students and faculty.

The Corporate relations department keeps a watch on the industry trends to know the career landscape and make careful, informed employment decisions in sync with the deans and faculty. The division ensures that students are regularly coached on career options and how to perform their best in skill based and behavioural assessments by employers. Those students interested in pursuing a startup are helped to find the entrepreneurial mentoring, training and infrastructure available to assist their interests and efforts.

Wherever possible, the division also attempts to engage corporates for management development/technical training opportunities to be delivered by our specialised faculty. This is needed to develop compelling, long standing joint opportunities with internal and external stakeholders. Providing applied projects to students and faculty will remain at the core of the division.

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Mr. Jayant Patkar
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