Teaching Pedagogy

Autonomous Curriculum started taking the shape with a basic vision of flexibility in learning, industry oriented curriculum design and overall development of the students. Various courses were divided in the sub groups to have a perfect blend of Engineering Core courses and Engineering Science Courses. Flexibility is provided by offering elective courses to the students at various levels. These electives are framed in such a way to enable students to learn and apply the latest technology in industry. The boundaries of various disciplines are diminishing very fast and it is a need of the time to have the knowledge of various disciplines. Open electives does offer an excellent choice for the students to opt and acquire multidisciplinary knowledge.

Along with the Engineering courses, various new courses are offered in the curriculum like Psychology, Sociology, and Environmental Science etc. Courses like Design Thinking enable the learners to sharpen their skills of design, which is essential for any industry and extremely useful for the budding entrepreneurs. System Engineering and Prototyping gives a recent technological cutting edge to the students.


It is indeed essential to focus on overall development of the students while they are learning Engineering. Budding entrepreneurs are groomed with courses on Entrepreneurship and in Entrepreneurship Center. Students soft skills and language skills are sharpened through various courses and hands-on practice. Motor skills are developed by courses like “Engineering Tools & Techniques”, where they use various tools and learn engineering techniques in a very first year. Further the applications of engineering theory are possible in Minor Projects and Final Year Projects. Courses like Engineering Informatics help the students to use IT tools in their work.


Various courses are distributed to have knowledge of verities of domains. A care is taken to distribute these courses year wise to have a continuous growth of the students every year. Credits are also distributed in such a way that students acquire sufficient knowledge and skills every year successively. Curriculum is designed on the philosophy of Outcome Based Education (OBE). Objectives and outcomes are defined for each course and are linked with the Program Objectives. Credit system is “Choice Based Credit System”, which provides flexibility to students for earning the credits each semester and can develop the expertise in the domain of their choice by selecting the electives.