AjaanVriksha is the official Annual Cultural Magazine of MIT Academy of Engineering. Founded in 2014 it provides a creative platform for the students to present themselves as well as voice their opinions. While publishing articles in Hindi, English, and Marathi it also has a special section for Arts and Photography as well.


  • The magazine has aimed at continuously spreading awareness among the students as well as the faculties regarding various intra-college activities as well as achievements and extra-curricular activities.
  • The magazine acts as a voice of the students, giving them a chance to showcase the talents in a diverse range of fields.
  • The magazine also provides a platform for the students to show their leadership qualities and their ability to coordinate and keep track of the activities of the institute.


Dr.Dipti Sakhare Chief Editor
Mr. Shailesh Bhokare Chief Associate Editor
Ms. Hrijul Shende Student Magazine Secretary(TY E&TC Engineering)

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