Research is the extensive expansion of the existing stock of knowledge through high concentration of energy, effort and intellectual thought process that gives new dimensions to ideas, which produce far-reaching and everlasting results. It is the pursuit of novelty with the help of study that includes observation, comparison, experiment, collecting and analyzing facts or data, and reaching desired conclusions either in the form of solution(s) towards the concerned problem or in certain generalizations for some theoretical modeling/formulation. Precisely, the persistent quest for knowledge through objectives and systematic methods of finding solution(s) to a problem is research. In Research and Development, one does research for the development of new techniques/ methods for inventing and improving a product as per the requirements of industry / society in terms of quality, cost, manpower, energy consumption, time etc.

To facilitate all the R & D activities in our institute among students and faculty/staff members, the R & D cell is functional and is being steered by the Director, Dean (R&D) and active representatives from each department. A unique incentive increment scheme was introduced in 2008 for encouraging and boosting R&D culture in the institute.

Dr Prafulla Hatte
Dean R&D,
Email – dean.rnd@mitaoe.ac.in