Title of the Project:

Ocean Exploration and its process of mapping

Name of the Students:

Sarthak Deshmukh
Sakshi Patil
Ronak Nikam
Yash Kondekar

Name of the Mentor:

Dr. Maya Charde


In early times with the growth of imperialism and colonization and to explore dated back times many capitalist and colonist nations underwent many discoveries of new places. Also, many noteworthy drives and attempts for exploration were there by Greeks, Romans and English, and European nations. Voyages by Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, etc. were undertaken to explore around the globe which resulted in advancement and development of cartography, shipping and trade industries with the routes fixtures. The examination of the ocean and ocean surfaces is referred to as ocean studies. Deep-sea exploration is the study of not only physical or chemical changes on the sea floor but also of other conditions that have an impact on it, resulting in scientific or commercial surveys. It is both a new human activity and one that is linked to other aspects of geophysical topographic research. Due to technological inadequacy, the ocean depths still contain a large portion of the world that is largely undiscovered. We use multi-beam sonars with additional sensors in exploration and mapping. Difficulties that humans encountered while discovering and addressing deep-sea problems provide the pathway for new allowing us to respond more excellently to ocean problems such as oil spills and overfishing, followed by ocean acidification, and so on. Ocean investigation stimulates greatly the minds of researchers and excites to seek out careers in science marine engineering and research. A great cultural habitat can be set in order by the study of ocean and its exploration and detection with bathymetry data, AUV’s and ROV’s.