We hope you all are safe and happy with your family.

In the upcoming month, we are launching "The POPDOWN" a Dance Event, for everyone to participate in, in the lockdown!

Last Date for participation: 30th June 2020

Register here:

We have the following themes for you to choose from for participating

1) WEBTOONS - Bring out your inner child! Cartoon theme songs or Web series theme songs: In this, you can choose either a theme song of any of your favorite cartoon or a famous web series & prepare a dance video on it.
The hashtag for this theme: #webtoonspopdownmenace

2) EXPRESSO - Let your expressions do the dancing! Contemporary/freestyle dance on some dialogues: In this, you have to prepare a dance video on some of your favorite dialogues.
The hashtag for this theme: #expressopopdownmenace

3) BE A PROPSTAR Is it a cap? Is it an umbrella? No, it's a prop! ‘Domain-based prop’ theme - In this, you have to use a prop related to the domain you choose for making your dance video. (E.g.- hall: sofa, chair, remote, etc; kitchen: utensils, bottle, etc; bedroom: bed, cupboard, chair, study table & so on)
The hashtag for this theme: #beapropstarpopdownmenace


You can send us a drive link for your performance to the following contacts-
Viraj (+91 8237193875),
Raman (+91 7887994476),
Sumit (+91 7972612721).

You can upload your performance on your Instagram with the hashtag #MDC_POP_DOWN and the specific hashtag of the theme you have opted for. If your Instagram is private, please DM us at @menace_dance_club or mail us at