“Art is anything you can get away with…”
– Andy Warhol

AALEKH - The Elated Club MITAOE, invites all the creative minds, to come and join us once again in the learning to express through art in our “ARTIST IN ACTION”

The WEDNESDAY SHOW namely ARTIST IN ACTION is for a duration of 8th July to 5th August 2020. The tutorial videos will be uploaded on our Instagram page and YouTube channel

Art forms sequence

  1. Calligraphy: Pen calligraphy for Beginners (Art of Beautiful Handwriting)
  2. Mandala Art: Art for Meditation, Prayer, Healing, Concentration.
  3. Origami: The Art of paper folding (Art for developing imagination, sequencing skills, mathematical reasonings, memory and spatial skills.
  4. Negative Sketching: a key element of artistic composition
  5. Painting: Basics of colours, painting techniques, & Coffee painting

The Wednesday shows: ARTIST IN ACTION again!!!!!


08/07/2020: Calligraphy
15/07/2020: Mandala
22/07/2020: Origami
29/07/2020: Negative sketching -
05/08/2020: Painting

Videos will be posted on every Wednesday at 7 pm on

You can DM us your beautiful artworks based on that particular tutorial video, and we'll make sure to feature them on our Instagram page