The Dean Student Affairs is responsible for creating and maintaining a safe, healthy, supportive environment and culture that synthesizes the intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual development of students in a holistic way.

Our students are of great potential and caliber. We are abide to provide them ample infrastructure and facilities to nurture their talent.

College provides various platforms and opportunities to the students to showcase their talents. College has three types of clubs Technical, Cultural and Recreational. Students can be part of these clubs based on their likings and inclinations.

Students are being supported to participate in National and International level, technical competitions like Robocon, Baja, Mobile Robotics, Mitsubishi Cup, Aero modeling , Quad Copter, KPIT Sparkle , Hackathon and many more . Proud to share here with you all that MITAOE Mobile Robotics teams won NSDC National level mobile robotics competition and represented India in Germany and Sweden. In 2018 also, MITAOE team is selected for Abu-Dhabi Robotics competition.

As Sports teach students the importance of team work, problem solving skills, boost self-esteem and reduce stress and anxiety. We make plentiful indoor and outdoor sports facilities available to our budding engineers.

Art affects the fundamental sense of self. MITAOE Engineering students try to express themselves across the barrier of languages, class and culture through various artistic and cultural activities like painting, drawing, singing, dancing, photography, calligraphy and many more. Our cultural team has always addressed prominent issues of societies through their drama. Our 2016 firodiya drama ‘Gift’ focused on Women menstruation hygiene.

Dalai Lama rightly said-‘It is not enough to be compassionate, you must do it’. Students of MITAOE not only follow but implement the lines of Dalai Lama. Our students volunteer for many social activities like ecofriendly Ganesh Visarjan, Swatchata Abhiyan, Waste food distribution to needy people, road traffic management , safety awareness , computer training to village schools, personality development sessions for nearby village kids, blood donation camps etc. All social activities are executed under the Social Club ‘Ignited Minds’. Our college is having MITAOE Student Chapter of Robinhood Army. Many alumni started NGOs to serve the society.

Ajjanvrikha is magazine published yearly by students. Students share their articles, poetry and many artefacts. Our magazine was selected for the best Magazine award in 2016 by university of Pune. Writers and poets of mitaoe have whole heartedly work for the magazine.

We do care not only for student’s physical health but also for emotional and mental health. MITAOE has student counseling and guidance cell where the certified counselor and team of in house faculty members work to solve problems.

A student Council of MITAOE comprises a team of 15 students. To provide Leadership skills, teach them teamwork, responsibilities, delegation of work, and accountability for the work is the main objective of the council.

Apart from these our College organizes annual social gathering ‘Nakshtra’every year. Techniko is a technical activity organized twice a year to enhance technical skills of the students.

Agro-tech lab is in development stage which will be aiming to provide hands on agro related problem solving experiences.

We firmly believe that with such an exposure, our students will not only serve the society just as Competent Engineer but also as a responsible citizen of India. I am confident that every alumnus of MITAOE looks back at us and says MITAOE has not merely taught us, it has educated us.

Mrs. M. A. Kulkarni,
Dean Student Affairs