Guided By : Dr Prachi R Rajarapollu
Students : Ashish Ambadas, Myakal Navin Sidram Rapelli Vyankatesh Nagnath Kota Dipali Sukhdev Koli, Sanjay Siddharam Hulbute

In this digital era it is important to maintain library visitor’s record in digital form, this data will help to verify library utilization, and for example how many students/faculties visit the library in a day and month.

Generally, library visitors are doing manual information entry in the logbook which is very risky in today’s scenario, it means library visitors are writing their data in the logbook, this library logbook contains visitor’s name, date, in and out time of visiting the library, PRN, branch and year and department. Now in this pandemic situation we need a system which will be contactless to avoid the spreading of Covid 19. Our system is completely contact free, very effective and helpful in this situation.

In the developed system visitors information is extracted from his/her ID card. Visitors has to hold the card in front of barcode reader, barcode reader will collect all the data from ID card, which will be further converted in required format and data base is generated.

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