Life and academics at MITAOE in view of LOCKDOWN due to COVID19

Dear Students,
Faculty and Staff of MITAOE would like to thank all students for your patience and support extended over the last few weeks.

1. Health Care and Safety:

  • We have locked down the campus for academics w.e.f 16th Mar 2020 till further instructions.

  • We are in continuous touch with advisory notices from SPPU, Govt. of Maharashtra, Govt. of India and various statutory bodies related to academics like AICTE, UGC, DTE and shall keep you all updated on the matter timely.

  • We advise you to stay at home, stay safe and save lives.

2. Academics at MIT Academy of Engineering

  • As per the guidelines from AICTE, we have started regular curriculum w.e.f 23rd March 2020 for all programmes addressing the following three categories of students,

  • Students with Good internet connectivity (85 % of the students)
    • The theory classes are being conducted for the First Year, Second year, Third year and Final Year students on day to day basis with live interactive video conferencing ICT tool blended with an LMS tool for course notes and assignments.

    • The laboratory sessions are also being conducted for all the courses with hands-on practice for programming courses and as a study experiment for hardware related courses.

    • The graded assignments are being given and assessed timely as a part of continuous assessment.

    • We expect to complete the syllabus by the end of the first week of May 2020.

  • Students with poor internet connectivity (10 % of the students)
    • The students are made available the video recording of the classes and the course material vide LMS tool.

    • The faculty are available online for discussion/interaction.

  • Students with very poor internet connectivity or no internet or very poor internet connectivity (5%).
    • The students are made available the video recording of the classes and the course material vide LMS tool.

    • The faculty are available online and telephone for discussion/interaction.

3. Students Involvement for better Learning

  • Participation in Various E- hackathons

  • Participation in Virtual Events

  • Organization of Virtual Competitions for clubs

  • Technical blog writing, technical video making and sharing

  • Students enrolment in Online Courses.

4. Care for Mental well-being for staff and students

  • Online Counselling portal availability (YourDost) 24*7 for all

  • Various webinars and online discussion forums for stress relieving

5. About MITAOE approach

Ultimately, we firmly believe that assessment should continue. The approach that we have developed on the following guidelines:

Support for students
We are taking steps to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on academic performance as much as we can, and to take account of your individual circumstances, and particularly your mental and physical health needs.

Providing a workable solution
We have also worked towards a solution that is as simple and uniform as it can be – to reduce complexity, minimise disruption, and provide an equitable approach for all candidates. There may be some local variations, where there is a clear need.

Focus on completion
We are also working to ensure as many students as possible can complete their degrees and graduate on time. This will not only mean that you are able to move on to the next stages of your lives and careers but also allows the institution to prepare to offer the best possible education to our new and continuing students in the next academic year.

The guidelines for conduct of examinations are being worked out and we shall update the same at the earliest.

Stay at home, stay safe and save lives