School of Engineering Design


School of Engineering Design has been established as fifth school in MITAOE campus in July 2018 with a vision to provide quality based education in Engineering and Design domain. Department envisions to develop its students into Design professionals with a good blend of Engineering and aesthetics which makes them capable to provide solution to real time industrial/societal problems.

The emphasis of the program is on the study, invention, and creative use of technologies to create effective, usable, enjoyable experiences with technology through interdisciplinary research by fusion of engineering and design. Design Programme bids training for students to amalgamate technology and aesthetics in the service of human-needs. The programme inspires creativity, innovation, craftsmanship, and personal countenance foremost to development of products and services in the field of engineering design.

The School envisages to produce fruitful graduates who will be accomplished of leading the varying circumstances of today and tomorrow through thought, innovation and values.

Dr. Abhijeet M Malge,
Dean, School of Engineering Design
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