Due to pandemic, It is not possible and worth to conduct Nakshatra in a same manner that we was conducting since from 2000. But enthusiasm and charm about Nakshatra need to be carry forwarded as it is because Nakshatra is the most awaited event in our student’s life.

Hence MIT AoE conducting Annual Social Gathering as with following schedule.

Day and Date: 14 and 17 March 2021
Time: 7-9 pm on each day.
14 March 2021 Prize Distribution GoToWebinar
17 March 2021 Cultural Night Youtube Broadcast

All Nakshatra’s cultural night event will be carried out as it is with one change. Instead of live stage performance, the participant’s prerecorded video will be compiled into one and then broadcasted to all viewers using Youtube.

Downlaod details about prize distribution

Maestro Award : Muskan Pandey, B.Tech, Computer Engineering
Best all rounder : Manisha Choudhary, B.Tech E&TC