Mr. Nikhil B. Sardar

NAME : Mr. Nikhil B. Sardar
DESIGNATION : Assistant Professor

  • M-Tech. (Electrical Power System Engineering ), National Institute of Technology, Warangal, Telangana, India, 2017
  • B-Tech. (Electrical Engineering), Walchand college of engineering, sangli, Maharashtra, India, 2013


Nikhil B. Sardar holds master degree in Electrical Power System engineering and he is currently working as Assistant Professor in the school of Electrical Engineering. His research interests include Power System and Electrical Distribution system studies, Electrical Hybrid Vehicles and Artificial Intelligence. He is having one year of an industrial experience in core Electrical Company.

FORE FRONT AREA OF RESEARCH: Electrical Vehicles, Power System, Electrical Distribution Studies.
CONTACT NO : 020-30253600 Ext: 1088
EXPERIENCE : Teaching: 2.5 Year, Industry: 1

  • Qualified GATE-2015 & GATE-2018.


  • Nikhil B. Sardar and D. Govind, “solar Hybrid Multipurpose Vehicle” National Conference on Recent Innovation in Science, Engineering and Technology (NCRISET-2K18),Nagpur, India, 22 March, 2018