Dr. Dipti Y.Sakhare

NAME: Dr. Dipti Y.Sakhare
DESIGNATION :   Professor

  • Ph.D (Electronics Engineering), BVDU, Pune, India, 2018
  • M. Tech. (Digital Systems), Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune, India, 2008
  • B.E.(SGGSIET), SRTMU, Nanded, Maharashtra, India ,2004


  • Dr. D. Y. Sakhare is Professor in the school of Electrical Engineering. Her inter-disciplinary research interests cover signal processing, data mining and language processing.

Fore Front Area of Research: Signal Processing, NLP, Digital Systems
Email id : dysakhare@etx.mitaoe.ac.in
Contact no: 020-30253500 Ext: 1181
Experience  : Teaching :15 Years

  • Departmental Best Teacher Award 2012-13
  • MAAER’s Ideal Teacher Award : 2018-19
  • Received a Grant of Rs.50, 000 / - from SPPU for STTP on Analog and Digital VLSI Design
  • Received a grant of Rs.12, 09,000 /- from AICTE for Establishment of VLSI Design Centre of Excellence through Modernization and Development of VLSI Lab


  • “Development of embedded platform for summarization algorithm”, SPPU- BCUD research Grant for the year 2013-15.


  • ISA, IET, CSI (Annual Membership for the year 2017-18 and 2018-19)
  • Life Member :ISTE,IJERIA


Indian Patent Application No. 201921036651
Applicant : MIT Academy of Engineering
Title : Water Distribution Method and System


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