Mr. Khushal Suresh Kanade

Name: Mr. Khushal Suresh Kanade
Designation:Assistant Professor
Qualification: Ph.D. Civil Engineering (Pursuing) - Dr. Vishwanath Karad MIT World Peace University, Pune.

  • M. E. (Water Resources Engineering and Environmental Engineering), V.I.I.T. Pune.
  • B.E. Civil (Rajeshri Shahu college of Engineering JSPM, Pune,)

Overview of Profile:

He is an Assistant professor in Civil Engineering department. His fore front area of research are Waste Water Treatment Recycle & Reuse , Solid Waste Management, Watershed Management, Water Resource Engineering.

Fore Front Area of Research: Waste Water Engineering, Water Supply Engineering, Watershed Management, Groundwater Analysis, Dam Safety Risk Analysis.
Email id:
Experience (in years) Teaching: 7 years.
Contact no: 020 - 30253500

Awards and Achievements

  • Citation for publication of Book during AY - 2021-22
  • T.Y. Project Group won 3rd prize in “Funded project worth Rs 1,00,000/- in, "Hackathon for Rural Development under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan”, at MITAOE.
  • Awarded with membership of Reviewer in “ASTES JOURNAL”
  • Two B.E. Project Group won Second & Third Prize worth Rs. 25000/- in “U.G. Water Olympiad Competition 2019” organized by “Rotary Water Olympiad”, Pune.


Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System, ISBN 13, 9789354515651


  • Patent Filled on “Conversion of Plastic Waste into Useful Structural Elements for Construction Industry”. (Application Number: 201821015651).
  • Patent Filled on “Treatment of Automobile Service Station Waste Water By Using Skimming Tank and Coagulation Process” (Application Number: 201921016411).


  • Life Member of “Indian Society for Technical Education” (LM 122420).
  • Life Member of “Indian Society of Hydraulics” (LM-1362).


  • R. A. JOSHI AND KHUSHAL S. KANADE (2014), “Analysis of Oxygen Transfer Performance on Cascade Diffused Aeration Systems”, International J. of Multi displinary Research & Advance. in Engg.(IJMRAE), ISSN 0975-7074, Vol. 6, No. III (July 2014), pp. 69-80.
  • K.S.Kanade, Suresh Solanke, Suhas Zinge (2016) “A Experimental Study of Stabilization of Expansive Soil by using Fly Ash and Rice Husk Straw Ash”, (IJRITCC), ISSN 2321-8169, Volume 5, No. IV (March 2017), pg 40-42.
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  • K. S. Kanade, Kaustubh Phatak, Aditya Sharma (2017) “Conversion of Plastic Waste into useful Structural Elements for Construction Industry”, (IJSRD), ISSN 2321-0613, Volume 6, Issue 02, 2018 (April 2018).