Ms. A. B. Mane

Ms. A. B. Mane

Name: A B Mane
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: B.E., M.Tech.,

  • M. Tech. (Technology and Development), Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India, 2010.
  • BE (Mechanical Engineering), SVERI, Pandharpur, India, 2007

Overview of Profile:

  • Archana B Mane is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. His inter- disciplinary research interests cover Selection of alternative technology usinf AHP. She has done following project during her MTech at IITB
  • Title 1: Comparison of various technologies used for generation of biogas (MTPI)

Guide: Prof Bakul Rao, (IITB, CTARA) and Prof A. B. Rao. (IITB, CTARA) (Aug’09 – June'10)
Objective: Selection of alternative technology for generation of Biogas as self-reliant development of a region.
Description: Study of basics of anaerobic digestion process, various types of anaerobic reactors, identification of various parameters affecting the performance of the anaerobic digestion process and analysis of various alternatives used for generation of biogas by using a tool called “Analytical Hierarchical Process” (AHP).

  • Title 2: Assessment of various substrates for biogas production (MTPII)

Guide: Prof Bakul Rao, (IITB, CTARA) and Prof A. B. Rao. (IITB, CTARA) (Aug’09 – June'10)
Objective: To use fruit and vegetable as substrate for biogas generation.
Description: It consisted of setting up a model biogas digester, characterization of fruit and vegetable waste and influent and effluent of the biogas. Experiments were carried out to know the effect of HRT and OLR on biogas production.

Fore Front Area of Research: Design and Deployment
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Experience: Teaching: 10, IIndustry and Research: 11 years   

Awards and Achievements

  • Best Teacher Award in department during academic year 2013-14
  • Topped the Ph.D. Entrance in 2012 in Mechanical Engineering Stream, Pune university

Research / Patents / Publications

Multi-criteria Analysis, Productivity improvement in biogas production

Research projects:

Multi-criteria Analysis, Productivity improvement in biogas production


International Conferences

  1. Bakul Rao, Archana Mane, Anand B. Rao, Vishal Sardeshpande “  Multi-criteria analysis of alternative biogas technologies” has been published at IVth International Conference on Advances in Energy Research2014, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, July 2014
  2. Archana Mane, Bakul Rao, Anand B. Rao,” CHARACTERISATION OF FRUIT AND VEGETABLE WASTE FOR MAXIMIZING THE BIOGAS YIELD”, International Journal of Advanced Technology in Engineering and science, September 2015, vol no.3, issue no 1, issn; 2348-7550