On February 11th, 2023, the MIT Academy of Engineering in Alandi successfully hosted the SCICON 2023 Science Exhibition and Contest for students ranging from 1st grade to undergraduate level. In preparation for the event, five MITAOE students, three from the first year, one from the second year and one from the third year, visited various schools to give demonstrations on project creation. Nearly 300 students from 9 different schools participated and presented their projects, including a school for blind girls who presented 5 science projects, including a chart presentation of the solar system in braille and a project on drip irrigation, which was supported by MITAOE students. The event was graced by the presence of the Chief Guest, Dr. Sangeeta Barve, and two alumni of MITAOE. Dr. Barve also gave a captivating speech on her book "Piyuchi Vahi," which is an excellent read for kids, written in a simple and fun language. The judges were patient and thoroughly evaluated each student's project. Overall, it was a well-rounded exhibition where students were able to interact and share their mutual interests in science and its future.