ICT Enabled Tools For Effective Teaching And Learning

In the today’s era of technology evolution and to deal with millennial students, teachers are required to get themselves trained with the ICT tools to be used not only for instruction but also for assessment and evaluation. Institute has provided different platforms to the teachers as mentioned below. Apart from these, teachers have learned different ICT tools and developed the e-contents.

LMS and Online Teaching Platforms:

1. LMS - Cloud Based Moodle Server hosted by eAbays Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Banglore - With 1000 Concurrent Students

2. Go to Webinar and Go to Meeting Web based platform for conduct of Online Lectures of the institute’s Teachers and Guests Speakers. 6 Dashboards are subscribed from - LogMeIn Ireland Ltd.

3. G. Suite Domain for Education from which Teachers uses the Google Classroom and Google Meet Tool while teaching.

4. Well established ERP System in place

5. Under the Microsoft Licenses Subscription Scheme Institute has Unlimited Licenses of MS Office 365 for Teachers and Students. Therefore, as part of Office 365 - MS Teams for Teachers and Students. It is used for conduct of Online Theory, Practical sessions and assessment.

6. AMCAT Aspiring Mind Online Platform for conduct of MSE and ESE examination and tests of placement Activity.

E-content Development By Teachers

Teachers are using lecture recording or screen recorder tools like Screencast-o-matic, PowerPoint screen recorder etc. to record their lectures. Some of the Teachers are developing their own website also.

Teachers record the videos of demonstrations of the practical in the laboratory by performing the experiments. Even virtual labs are created by chemical and computer departments.

VPN Connectivity facility is available to access the shared resources of the labs so that students can access the licenced software from the department’s lab and can perform practical.

ICT Tools and Resources Available:

1. Institute has Branded IBM Lenovo and Dell Computers with Intel Pentium IV and above configurations – Intel Dual Core, Quadra core, Intel I3, I5, and I7 Processor. All the Systems connected through LAN.

2. Institute has Secured WIFI Internet Access facility available for all the Teachers and Students either on their Smartphones or on the Laptops.

3. Classrooms are Equipped with LAN / WIFI Facility and LCD Projector and Screen.

4. Institute has 500 MBPS Internet Leased Line. Internet Connection is accessible to all Teachers Staff and Students after they get Authenticated through Radius Server from Sonic Firewall Secured Access. Internet is distributed through Cisco based Network Switches and WIFI access Controllers and Access points.