Rules & Regulations

  • All students anticipating graduation by the conclusion of the academic year and pursuing employment opportunities are eligible to register for campus placements through the CRPC office.
  • Participation in campus placements is an optional service extended to students. Those uninterested in placements or pursuing further studies are kindly requested to notify the CRPC Department.
  • Students intending to pursue further studies or engage in pre-planned activities are advised not to participate in placements. In the event of selection, failure to join will result in withholding of the final mark sheet.
  • The information provided in the resume must be authentic, and any student found breaching this regulation will be barred from participating in placements for the remainder of the academic year.
  • Students are required to submit their updated resumes to the email addresses designated by the T&P department.
  • Participation in the placement process is restricted to students who have enrolled with the CRPC.
  • The CRPC serves as a facilitator and advisor for placement-related endeavors.
  • Attendance at all scheduled drives is mandatory for all eligible and registered students; failure to do so will result in blacklisting.
  • Students are advised to regularly check for any new notices or updates.
  • Students are encouraged to arrive at the venue 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the pre-placement talk.
  • Attendance will be recorded, and only registered students will be eligible to apply for positions with the respective company.
  • Students are required to regularly check notice boards and/or the designated Google group for announcements, notices, updated information, and lists of shortlisted candidates. Punctuality in accordance with announcements is expected.
  • Once shortlisted, a student is obligated to complete the entire selection process unless rejected by the company midway. Withdrawal from the selection process without valid reason will result in disqualification from placements for the remainder of the academic year.
  • Students arriving late for the aptitude test, group discussion, or interview may be denied participation in the selection process.
  • Throughout the placement process, students are expected to uphold discipline and demonstrate ethical conduct in all their actions. Any student found violating the discipline regulations established by the company or tarnishing the institute's reputation will be disqualified from placements for the rest of the academic year.
  • Students caught cheating or behaving inappropriately during any stage of the selection process (Presentation/Test/Group Discussion/Interview) will be disqualified from placements for the remainder of the academic year.
  • A copy of the offer letter must be submitted to the CRPC Office.
  • As per the eligibility criteria established by the companies, students are permitted to participate in the ongoing placement process for multiple companies until they secure their first job offer.
  • As per the eligibility criteria established by the companies, students are permitted to participate in the ongoing placement process for multiple companies until they secure their first job offer.
  • In the event that a student receives multiple offers due to delays in result announcements by the companies, the student is obligated to accept the job offer from the company whose results were declared earlier.
  • Upon being selected by a company, every student is removed from the placement cell's roster.
  • A formal offer communicated through notice board announcements or email constitutes an official offer. Offers received from companies must be collected according to the specified timings outlined in the circular or notice. It is the student's responsibility to carefully review the offer letter and complete any required actions, such as document submission. If offers are directly received by the student from the company, the student must promptly inform the CRPC Office.
  • The date, time, and venue of interviews may be subject to change, sometimes at short notice. It is essential for students to remain well-informed.
  • Students must adhere to formal attire standards for all interactions with companies. The CRPC Office retains the authority to withhold permission for students to partake in the selection process if their attire is deemed unsatisfactory.
  • Students are obligated to carry their I-cards at all times during interviews and screening tests. Access to the test or interview venue will be denied without the I-card.
  • During placement drives, students are advised to carry the following documents: 1) Two copies of the resume 2) Recent passport-size photographs 3) Academic certificates 4) Two attested sets of all original documents.
  • Following off-campus interviews, students are required to report to the CRPC Office.
  • For matters not covered by the aforementioned regulations, the T&P Department will exercise discretion in making appropriate decisions. Additionally, both the T&P Department and College Management retain the authority to modify or amend the rules as necessary. The decisions made by the T&P Department will be final and binding on all students.