Computer engineering is a vast field with a lot of job opportunities. It has been predicted that the number of jobs in computer engineering will increase by 30% by the year 2030. This growth is three times more than the other jobs across the globe.

Computer Science is a broad field with numerous subfields. This provides professionals with numerous options when deciding on a specialty. Indeed, specialization is an essential component of becoming a successful professional. It necessitates that students acquire additional knowledge and training on specific topics.

If you are considering building up your career in computer science engineering then you must know about the different specializations in the same before moving ahead.

Computer Science Specializations

Many organizations look for applicants with graduate degrees in computer science to fill these well-paying roles because of the great demand for these positions and the necessary abilities in this industry.

Artificial Intelligence

In the world of technology, artificial intelligence, or AI, is a rapidly expanding discipline that involves employing robotics and algorithms to automate systems. AI can solve problems, make predictions, or complete complex tasks using the computer.

Artificial intelligence (AI) apps make use of cutting-edge technologies like machine learning, which enables applications to forecast the future and provide recommendations.

Skills acquired:

  • Programing Language (R, Python, JAVA)
  • Statistics and Linear Algebra
  • Mathematics
  • Algorithm

Career opportunities

  • Big Data Engineer
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Research Scientist

The average salary of AI Engineer

An AI engineer can get a salary of around 8 LPA at entry level that can rise to 50 LPA depending on the experience, position, and type of organization.

Data Science

Data science refers to the ability to “mine” large data sets to gain useful information or insight. Organizations benefit most from data science as a practice when a variety of techniques are used to retrieve and analyze data, and when it is used to process large, complex, and sometimes unstructured sets of information, commonly referred to as “big data.”

Data scientists and analysts are in high demand because they assist businesses and organizations in making critical decisions by forecasting financial, business growth, and market trends.

Skills acquired:

  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Statistics
  • Econometrics
  • Programming

Career option in Data Science

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • Quantitative Analyst
  • Operations Analyst

Average Salary of data science engineer

The annual salary of a data science engineer varies from 3 LPA to 26 LPA. The salary varies with experience, position, and the type of organization you are working with.

Information Security

Information security, or InfoSec, is the term used to describe the procedures and devices created and used to safeguard confidential company data against change, interruption, destruction, and examination.

A thorough understanding of security flaws and the numerous techniques employed by internal and external attackers to exploit them is necessary for this computer science specialty. Additionally, these jobs must strike a balance between the demand for worker or end-user productivity and security needs.

Skills acquired

  • Problem-solving approach
  • Communication skill
  • Technical aptitude
  • Understanding of hacking
  • Networking security control

Career opportunities

  • Computer Forensics Analyst.
  • Application Security Engineer.
  • Chief Information Security Officer- CISO
  • Security Architect
  • Cybersecurity Engineer

The average salary of an information security engineer

The cyber security engineer as a fresher can get up to 5 LPA whereas an experienced one can get up to 20 LPA. The salary mostly depends on the experience, skill, and type of college or company you joined.


This specialization focuses on how organizations exchange information with internal and external stakeholders via wired and wireless networks. Responsibilities include managing bandwidth, traffic, user access, and network security, as well as the security of any network-connected devices.

Skills acquired

  • Diagnose and troubleshoot network issues.
  • design network architecture

Career opportunities

  • Network Engineer
  • Network Analyst
  • Network manager

The average salary of network engineer

An experienced candidate will get an annual package of around 20 LPA. There are good opportunities available in this specialization.

Full Stack Development

Full-stack development has recently been gaining momentum within the field of computer science and engineering. It is one of the specializations that are in high demand and is anticipated to continue to be so in the future.

A full-stack developer is an expert who must work across all software layers to build, support, and maintain web applications. In this specialization, students learn to develop both the front end and the back end.

Skills acquired:

  • Front-end Languages and Frameworks
  • Database Management Systems
  • Backend Technologies and Frameworks
  • Git/GitHub

Career opportunities:

  • Full-Stack Developer.
  • Back-End Developer.
  • Front-End Developer.
  • Web Developer.
  • Web Designer.

Salary of Full Stack Developer

The salary of the full stack developer varies from 3 LPA to 15 LPA based on the experience and type of organization.

UI/UX Design

This specialization examines the various ways in which people interact with computers, such as websites and mobile phones, as well as voice-enabled speakers and virtual reality. To ensure application compatibility and usability across systems, effective interface development and deployment necessitate the use of standard libraries.

Students who complete the Computer Science Engineering in UI/UX Design program learn how to develop a product roadmap based on user requirements and put UI/UX design principles into practice to produce a straightforward and user-friendly solution.

Skills Acquired:

  • Communication
  • interpersonal skills
  • Visual detail
  • mapping how people use software and systems

Career opportunities

  • UX Researcher
  • UX Writer
  • Information Architect
  • UX Strategist

The average salary of UX/UI design

As a fresher, you can get up to 3 LPA which can rise to 15 LPA depending on the experience and company you joined.

Game Design

Game design refers to the application of imagination and design to create a game for enjoyment or instructional reasons. It is a subset of the larger area of video game production. Facilitate interactions with other characters, users, or objects, involves developing engaging stories, characters, objectives, rules, and challenges.

Skills acquired

  • Creativity
  • Artistic vision
  • A strong analytical frame of mind
  • Team management

Career Opportunities in Game Design

  • Applications developer.
  • Concept artist.
  • Game artist.
  • Game designer.
  • Games developer.
  • Multimedia programmer.
  • Multimedia specialist.

Salary in game design

The salary of a game designer varies from 4 LPA to 16 LPA depending on the experience, skill, position, and type of organization.

Computer engineering colleges in Pune

In Pune, 103 engineering colleges offer Computer Science Engineering programs. Ninety-five percent of engineering colleges are privately owned, four percent are owned by the public/government, and one percent are owned by public-private partnerships.

Some of the top colleges among them are:

  • Bhartividya Peeth University
  • Dr. DY Patil Institute of Technology
  • IIIT Pune
  • Symbiosis Institute of Technology
  • MIT Academy of Engineering
  • Ajeenkya Patil university
  • Singhad Institute of Technology & Science
  • Army Institute of Technology
  • Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering, Pune

The average fee of the college lies between 5 to 7 lakhs. Most colleges offer good placement opportunities after course completion in top companies.

Scope of computer engineering in India

There is immense scope for computer engineering courses in India. That is why most CSE is the top choice of any engineering aspirant.

Students are taught the fundamentals and other facets of computer engineering in this course. It covers topics such as computer architecture and organization, networking, database systems, electronics, operating systems, programming and website design, e-commerce and multimedia applications, principles of programming languages, software engineering, hardware engineering, etc. It also covers the foundations of computer systems.

Top companies hiring after CSE

Top-notch companies hire employees with multidisciplinary skill sets. CSE is a branch that gives you versatility in your skill set. Therefore candidates having a graduation degree in CSE are offered theft packages. Some of the top companies that hire CSE graduates are

  1. IBM
  2. HCL
  3. Tech Mahindra
  4. Wipro
  5. Infosys
  6. Microsoft
  7. Google
  8. HP
  9. MindTree
  10. Cognizant
  11. Accenture
  12. Deloitte
  13. TCS
  14. Oracle
  15. Adobe

The graduates in CSE can get 3 LPA as freshers whereas with advanced skill sets and experience one can get up to 30 to 35 LPA in the CSE branch. However, if you hone the latest skill set in CSE you can even bag a hefty package in the initial year of your career journey.

Computer science is a versatile branch. Gaining specialization in any one field can give you good career opportunities. Choose the specialization as per your interest and trend as it will help you in getting a good job.

At MIT AOE, one of the top autonomous engineering colleges in Pune, offers the specializations with the latest curriculum and as per the industry norms. If you want to make a successful career in the IT industry, look through these specializations and pick the one that best suits your interests.